Matching tattoos with BTS' JK to TWICE's Jihyo's homemade meal: 5 Kpop idols we wish we were best friends with

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Matching tattoos with BTS' JK to TWICE's Jihyo's homemade meal: 5 Kpop idols we wish we were best friends with

K-Pop idols are taking over the world and while you may not like them, there’s no way you can ignore them. Powerhouses of talent and the softest human beings at heart, these idols have the world swooning over them. A common reaction to these idols appearing on variety shows is undoubtedly the desire to be best friends with them.

Here are 5 K-Pop idols that we wish we were best friends with!

BTS Jungkook

Late-night snack runs to grab some banana milk, working out in matching fits and jamming out all day – these are but a few of the incredibly fun things one could do if they had Jungkook as their best friend. In addition, he’s deeply insightful and encouraging and would make sure that you’re feeling your best whenever you’re around him. Don’t forget all the matching tattoos you could get!


Lisa is one of the most fun and entertaining members of BLACKPINK and being her best friend would mean you get to watch and perhaps even learn dance from the master herself. Let’s not forget all the fun brunch dates and fashion shows you’d be sitting in the front row at!

SF9 Rowoon

Prepare to see the world a little differently as Rowoon gives you piggyback rides all the time. He’s playful and would probably pull pranks on you till both of you are rolling on the floor laughing and it would be the best thing ever!

GOT7 Jackson

Jackson Wang is one of the liveliest and most adorable idols to come from the Korean entertainment industry. He can brighten up any room he is in and is the life of the party in any given situation. Being his best friend would mean tenderness, care and the wackiest humour all in one!


Jihyo would be the most caring and understanding best friend ever. She would make sure you’re always well-fed and feeling alright regardless of her own state and that is truly something rare. Besides, the amazing home-made meals would be the perfect bonus!

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Which of these idols would you choose to be your best friend? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!


Anonymous : Jh and jk
REPLY 1 1 month ago
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : Jungkookie
REPLY 2 2 months ago
Anonymous : JUNGKOOK and lisa both
REPLY 9 4 months ago
Anonymous : I Love them both because I love K-pop
REPLY 2 4 months ago
Anonymous : Lisa or Kookie
REPLY 10 4 months ago
Anonymous : Kookie of course
REPLY 16 4 months ago
Anonymous : Kookie
REPLY 9 4 months ago
Anonymous : Kookie
REPLY 2 3 months ago
Anonymous : Kookiness
REPLY 0 2 months ago