May Idol Brand Reputation Rankings: BTS continue on No. 1, Brave Girls, BLACKPINK, Oh My Girl & STAYC follow

Published on May 23, 2021 04:08 PM IST  |  417K
BTS' poster for their 2021 Muster, Sowoozoo

Today, on May 23, the Korean Business Research Institute released the brand reputation rankings of K-Pop idol groups in total. These rankings are analysed meticulously and are based on consumer participation, interaction, coverage, community awareness and more. Each month, the Institute releases girl group, boy group and idol groups ranking in general, showcasing which group was the most buzzworthy in the entertainment industry during a month. The data collected for the month of May is from April 23 to May 23.

As BTS’ single 'Butter’ was released at the end of May, they were bound to keep their throne and sit at Number 1. They received a reputation index of 12,309,891. The group’s most trending and high-ranking phrases were “Butter”, “Billboard” and “ARMY”, while the top related keywords were “surpass”, “record” and “release”. Even their positive-negative analysis received 70.36% positive reactions. 


After BTS, Brave Girls occupied the second rank, by climbing much higher from their previous months’ ranks. They have a brand reputation index of 4,894,908 while BLACKPINK came in third with 3,447,439 index. Fourth place was taken by Oh My Girl, which achieved a total brand reputation index of 3,227,369. If compared to their last months’ index, Oh My Girls’ index increased by 12.31%. The fifth place was taken by the group STAYC, with a total brand reputation index of 2,819,650. 


Here are the top 20 idol groups on May’s Brand Reputation Rankings of Idols:


  1. BTS
  2. Brave Girls
  4. Oh My Girl
  5. STAYC
  6. Highlight
  7. NCT
  8. ITZY 
  10. aespa
  11. TWICE
  12. EXO
  13. Apink
  14. BTOB
  15. LABOUM
  16. APRIL
  17. THE BOYZ
  18. Girls’ Generation
  19. ASTRO


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