Meet Korea’s pride, CL; The only female Korean musician to be selected for Google’s Women History Month event

Google released ‘First of Many - Women’s History Month’ campaign video on March 3, mentioning CL in the female rappers section
Kpop solo artist CL in a still from her popular music video, Hwa Meet Korea’s pride, CL; The only female Korean musician to be selected for Google’s Women History Month event
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The former 2NE1 member, CL’s solo career has constantly been on a roll. One of the peak moments of her career is being selected as the nation’s pride, yet again! CL achieved a feat that only rare people can - she’s the only female Korean musician to feature in Google’s Women’s History Month.

Globally, even though women are trying and rising against all odds, female representation, in every way, matters. Google posted the video titled, ‘First of Many - Women’s History Month 2021’ on its official Youtube channel to commemorate the first incredible achievements of women in every field, that helped make way and open new doors for the women of today. The video showcases exemplary women across various professional fields such as business, sports, scientists, astronauts, artists, and more. 

In the video, Google has shown a clip of CL’s popular music video +H₩A+, where CL is featured alongside the first female rapper Sha Rock, Cardi B, Missy Elliott and others. The clips from all these incredible women are supported with the voiceover - “Women bring an energy to rap that did not exist before,” followed by Cardi B’s Grammy win!

Check out Google’s impactful Women History Month video below: 

CL, being a legendary leader of the 2nd gen Kpop girl group 2NE1, has been a part of Kpop industry’s golden era - forming the base, transforming and paving the way for future girl groups. After the group’s disbandment, she started her solo career successfully.  She is also the first female Korean soloist to debut on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Her latest single titled Wish You Were Here pays tribute to her late mom. Here’s something CL would like to say to everyone: 

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