Meet ZICO: The Korean Hip Hop artist Seojun aka Hwang In Yeop was jamming to in the shower in True Beauty

Curious about the song Hwang In Yeop was jamming to in the shower in True Beauty? Meet ZICO, the K-Hip Hop artist taking over the world.
Meet ZICO: The Korean Hip Hop artist Seojun aka Hwang In Yeop was jamming to in the shower in True Beauty
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If you’re completely clueless and confused as to what on Earth the title means and you’re here for ZICO, welcome! If you’re here from True Beauty and want to know who made the extremely catchy song that Seojun (played by Hwang In Yeop) was jamming to in the shower, you’re welcome too! Let’s get into it.

In episode 6 of True Beauty, Joo Kyeong, played by Moon Ga Young and Seojun (played by Hwang In Yeop) have an awkward encounter. Seojun is jamming to a song with his earbuds on, fresh out of the shower in his bathrobe half on and leopard print underwear completely on display. He’s in his element because of course, he is at home but what he did not anticipate was that Joo Kyeong would also be at his place helping his sister out with makeup. Seojun acts cool and brushes it off but deep inside, he’s as embarrassed as can be.

The song he was jamming out to has become a hot topic of discussion among K-Pop fans worldwide. It is actually Okey Dokey by ZICO featuring MINO from WINNER.

You can listen to the song below:

ZICO, a former member of BLOCK B and now, an independent K-Hip Hop and K-R&B artist, CEO and founder of KOZ Entertainment, is one of the most prominent figures in K-Hip Hop right now. His song ‘Any Song’ won multiple awards this season for being unbelievably popular. One of the trademarks of ZICO’s music is that they’re almost always catchy. His rap style is unique and inimitable and his tone of voice stands out from other idols and artists in the industry. Most importantly, his musical style has evolved over the years and now his music is often recognised as a genre of its own. He blends smooth vocals with rap in a way that is quite rare and automatically draws listeners in.

Here are 5 songs by ZICO that you should listen to:

Soulmate ft. IU

Summer Hate ft. Rain

I Am You, You Are Me

She’s A Baby

Bermuda Triangle ft. CRUSH, DEAN

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Anonymous 2 months ago

It's Mino with Zico . U can read it in the official MV and audio on YT...

Anonymous 3 months ago

Okey dokey is mino and zico's song for show me the money 4, it is not zico feat. mino.

Anonymous 4 months ago

i should like to recommemd 'Any song' also

Anonymous 4 months ago

I love you and will always support you.