Mega rookies ENHYPEN chosen as the first non Japanese hosts of the popular radio show All Night Nippon X

It’s a great time to be an ENGENE! The 7-member boy group made history to be the first overseas artist as hosts on the radio show.
Rookie KPop stars ENHYPEN taking a group selfie Mega rookies ENHYPEN chosen as the first non Japanese hosts of the popular radio show All Night Nippon X
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ENGENEs, your favourite K-Pop group is making history while just starting out! According to Star News, since their announcement as show hosts, ENHYPEN has been garnering a lot of attention. Dubbed as rookie stars, ENHYPEN debuted last year in November, after a fierce competition on the survival reality show I-LAND. 


The group was revealed as hosts for the popular Japanese radio programme called All Night Nippon X, in a production presentation held in Japan on March 15. In addition to having an international artist host the show, what surprised the audience and media more was, that they haven’t even officially debuted in Japan yet! According to the same Star News article, after the production meeting, ENHYPEN rose to number 1 in the search engine ranking of Yahoo Japan and even keywords related to the programme started trending on Twitter. 


Check out the members’ official tweet below:


Their debut album, BORDER: DAY ONE was released in November and where some outlets touted it as “Global Super Rookie”, some critic’s review of the album was an average, ordinary one. Nevertheless, the album was much loved by fans across the world, especially Japanese fans of the show and the band as was evident by the number of charts it topped after its release - Oricon daily album chart in Japan, iTunes Top Album in Japan and even no. 1 on the top 100 chart of Japanese Line Music. Their 2021 Season’s Greetings also made it to the top of the Oricon weekly DVD chart! 


The radio show will start from March 29 and will be broadcast every Monday from 12 AM to 12:53 AM. Talk about having loyal fans in a country one hasn’t even debuted in yet! That’s the power of ENHYPEN and ENGENEs. 


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How excited are you to hear them on the late-night radio show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!