Minho picks View as SHINee's most representative song: We were able to show the music style we were aiming for

In a recent interview, Minho explained why their fourth studio album Odd's popular title track View was SHINee's turning point according to the 29-year-old singer.
Minho picks View as SHINee's most representative song: We were able to show the music style we were aiming for
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SHINee's going to be back as soon as next month, reportedly, with their highly-awaited comeback. Last year, Onew, Key and Minho were discharged from their military service and finally reunited with their maknae Taemin, who is yet to enlist to the military. Since then, Shawols have been gearing up for their first comeback since 2018 as the members have been teasing the fandom with potential spoilers left, right and centre.

In a recent candid interview with GQ Korea, Minho spoke passionately about being a part of the iconic boy group. While SHINee has classics like Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer, when asked to pick SHINee's most representative song, the 29-year-old singer chose their popular song View, which was the title track of their fourth studio album Odd. According to Min-ho, View became SHINee's turning point and even Shawols will agree on this as we got to see a whole new side to the boy group.

"Before that, we were mostly viewed as a group that was strong performance-wise, but through this song, we were able to show the music style that we were aiming for," Minho explained, via Soompi.

Minho, who is well-known for being a 'flaming charisma', was also asked by GQ Korea to pick the time when he thought he was the most passionate. The Lovestruck in the City star chose the time when he debuted as SHINee as he "followed, practised and promoted recklessly" because of which he felt that his skills were so lacking and in the process, he lost confidence.

However, after SHINee's first concert, Minho was able to let go of some nerves and concerns for the very first time. He realised that Shawols were supporting him and the only thought he had was that he has to do his best. For Minho, that "fiery passion" is still working today as the singer feels it hasn't cooled down and has continued until now.

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