Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 gains experienced popular mentors Sunmi & Tiffany Young; Interview teasers released

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Tiffany Young and Sunmi

Mnet has announced two mentors for their upcoming survival program called ‘Girls Planet 999’. The mentors are none other than the solo artist Sunmi and Tiffany Young from Girls’ Generation. The mentors are collectively known as ‘K-Pop Masters’ on the show. Mnet released their photos as well as interview teasers of both the mentors. Sunmi and Tiffany Young share what their roles will be as mentors and partners for the contestants. Tiffany Young says that it is about giving harsh judgement as well as mental guidance while Sunmi talks of sharing her experience with them could be helpful. Both of them talked about how excited they are working with each other. Sunmi acknowledged how their styles are very different. For Tiffany, this is a special experience and she loved the title of the show as it matches with her group name. Along this line, Sunmi shares in the interview how being a ‘girl’ was first viewed to be weak and fragile but in reality it is about being courageous and pursuing one’s dreams. She even sweetly advised the contestants to motivate and help each other out because this journey can be lonely and terrifying. Both of them have expressed their desire to guide the girls in the best possible manner. 


‘Girls Planet 999’ is a survival show with 33 girls from each of the countries Korea, Japan and China who participate to debut as an idol. These 99 girls were selected from a massive pool of 13,000 applicants. The show will be broadcast on Mnet and is set to premiere in August. Earlier, Yeo Jin Goo, who is popular for ‘Hotel De Luna’ and ‘Beyond Evil’, was announced as the sole MC of the show. To add on that excitement, Sunmi and Tiffany Young are now a part of the show. Both of them are second-generation superstars. Tiffany Young is a singer who debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation which is one of the best-selling artists of Korea. The band is one of the most popular girl groups in the world. Tiffany left SM in 2017 and pursued her solo career with mini albums like ‘Lips on Lips’. In 2021, she is going to be part of the Broadway musical ‘Chicago’ to fulfill her dream of being a musical actress. Sunmi is a singer and song-writer who had debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007 but left it in 2010 to pursue academic career. After a hiatus of three years, she returned as a soloist and was said to even participate in activities with Wonder Girls. The group disbanded in 2017 after which Sunmi left JYP entertainment and joined ABYSS Company. She released hit songs like ‘Gashina’ and ‘Siren’ that gained worldwide popularity. In 2021, she released a new album ‘Tail’ with the title track of the same name.


The audience is excited to see how this sweet and salty duo of Sunmi and Tiffany will be as the mentors, aka K-pop master, for the girls on ‘Girls Planet 999’.


Watch the interview teaser here:


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