Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1: Five mind boggling questions we are left with after the SHOCKING finale

Updated on Sep 08, 2021 07:51 AM IST  |  86.6K
Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 will release on December 3

*Spoiler Alert* Money Heist Season 5's first volume finally released on September 3 and the five episodes were enough to set up the craziness that is going to take place in the last volume of the final season of the show. The final episode once again left us on a cliffhanger, in true Money Heist fashion and now fan theories are floating about what we can expect in the last five episodes as the show wraps up its last outing. 

For those who haven't yet caught up with the show, here's a warning again that what you will find ahead are some major spoilers. After Season 4 left us crying over Nairobi's (Alba Flores) death, the fifth season has now taken away another major character as Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) seemed to have died in a massive explosion of grenades stuck to her chest. 

Considering Ursula Corbero's Tokyo has been one of the prime characters on the show, it still seems unbelievable for many that she met her end in the big finale. Although, whoever has been synonymous with the format of the show, everything isn't the way it looks and there's always a twist waiting to happen. Fans are now wondering if the same will happen again. As we wait for the second volume's release, here's looking at the answers we need in the final part. 

Is Tokyo really dead?

While it certainly seems logical that Corbero's Tokyo must have died in the explosion caused by the ticking off grenades stuck to her, many still remain hopeful that in a sly twist, her character may be revived back in the first episode of the second volume. 

Who will turn the narrator? 

Since the show first began, Tokyo's character has been the narrator and if she does die in this season, many have questioned about which character will carry forward as the narrator and believe it may be Miguel Herran's Rio. 

Whose side is Alicia Sierra on? 

While The Professor and Alicia Sierra get connected in an unexpected way after he helps deliver her baby after her water breaks in the third episode on the show. From then on, while it seems Najwa Nimri's Sierra is on The Professor's side but there's also a chance that she may in fact wait for another chance to attack him again. 

Is Berlin making a comeback? 

Despite Pedro Alonso's Berlin bidding his final adieu in Season 2 and appearing in only flashbacks, several fan theories are suggesting he may have faked his death. While recent season also showed him in a flashback with his son, Rafael, many fans believe there's something more to be explored. 

Are there more deaths in the big finale? 

With five episodes more to release on December 3, fans can't help but question if we are going to see the series end with more popular characters meeting their end. The Professor's survival has been the ultimate question on everyone's mind. 

What are some key questions you have been left with after watching Season 5's first part? Tell us in comments. 

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