MONSTA X believe 'Only a brighter future will be waiting for us' as they grace cover of Rolling Stone Korea

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MONSTA X members pose for Rolling Stone Korea (Pic credit - Rolling Stone Korea)

MONSTA X proved why they are crowned 'K-pop Super Monster Group'! The talented, charismatic and versatile K-pop group debuted on May 14, 2015, with their first EP Trespass and since then have released 8 studio albums, 9 extended plays and 35 singles. The group is known for their passionate style, striking vocals and powerful rap and they have proved that with their latest album, One Of A Kind, where members have participated in writing, composing and producing the songs on the album.

On the 16th, MONSTA X members Hyungwon, Joohoney and I.M graced the cover of Rolling Stone Korea, a magazine specializing in music and celebrating the artist's musical legacy. In the released photo, the three are wearing costumes with outstanding colours, boasting the standard of good looks with facial expressions and gestures that show off their individual charms, drawing attention. MONSTA X, which decorated 'The Mix' in the magazine in Rolling Stone Korea No. 2, was named 'K-pop Super Monster.' The members discussed in great length and detail their creative process, their latest album One Of A Kind and what kind of musical legacy they want to leave behind. 

Joohoney, Hyungwon and I.M made up the producers trio on the group's mini-album, One Of A Kind as they produced GAMBLER (title track) and Heaven, Secrets and BEBE and Rotate respectively. Joohoney proudly revealed that this is MONSTA X's confidence and believes that the group has enormous potential and their concept is not limited to a particular type! He shared that he is actively listening to different sounds to seek more inspiration for the future, I.M agreed with his bandmate and chipped in that he wants to complete the team colour of the brand that MONSTA X has become now with his active participation in their new album, One Of A Kind. 

The three members agreed that the group and the members have a lot of potential and charm and are trying to make music that appeals to that charm! The talented producer's trio concluded by saying, "Only a brighter future will be waiting for us." And we cannot agree more. 

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Anonymous : Monsta X is the best best best !!! ^-^
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Anonymous : I love monsta x. They've given up and follow their dreams for them and monbebes
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Anonymous : i love you Monsta X!!!
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Anonymous : visuals OMG !!!! monsta x maknae line on fire
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Anonymous : Monsta X world domination!
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