MONSTA X drops ‘Time Warp’ teaser for special song 'KISS OR DEATH'

Published on Jul 24, 2021 11:27 AM IST  |  99.9K
KISS OR DEATH concept photo : courtesy of UNIVERSE MUSIC

Time or Crime?

MONSTA X has this question for anyone that's looking forward to their new single dropping on 26 July. In a collaboration with the music platform UNIVERSE, MONSTA X will be releasing a special song 'KISS OR DEATH'. Ahead of the release, the official teaser photo for the song was put up. A special schedule defining all the upcoming activities for the single was also shared by the group. 2 teasers namely 'Crime Scene' and 'Time Warp' versions were announced ahead of the official music video release.

The first teaser 'Crime Scene' version was dropped on 21 July. It had a thunderous view of the clouds and the MONSTA X members can be seen racking their brains in a room full of clues, frantically running between train compartments and finally staring at an old-style pocket watch. 

For the second teaser, 'Time Warp' version, a song can be heard in the background as the MONSTA X boys dance to its rhythm. They can be seen performing their famed synchronized choreography dressed in fitted blacks, all gloved and fast-paced. Shownu sits in front of numerous screens inside a 'space vehicle’ hanging among the clouds. There's a 'TIME WARP DETECTED' and then an explosion. The screen cuts to the official music video release date. You can watch it below.


The two teasers show very different scenarios and give off a complex style that MONSTA X is known to possess. Fans are discussing ideas as it is very unclear what the actual theme of the song will be. It will be interesting to see what this new addition to their discography brings.

Much like the groups before them, it is expected that the single for MONSTA X will have a preview version released on YouTube while the full version of the music video can be watched only on the UNIVERSE app. We look forward to the adventures of MONSTA X.

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