MONSTA X put up a stunning performance on the sports variety program Let's Go leaving MONBEBE enthralled

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MONSTA X members on the sets of Let's Go (Pic credit - Starship Entertainment)

'Monster Group' MONSTA X, made a fantastic comeback with their new mini-album, One Of A Kind, which received a terrific response from fans and critics worldwide. Now MONSTA X is here to prove to us that they are not just talented performers, but also Variety show kings! MONSTA X guested on the popular sports variety program, Let's Go on June 17. The MONSTA X special episode was filled with games, laughs and 100 percent entertainment.

Joohoney played the role of the MC in the Iron Bag game of Fear. Joohoney drew laughter from the start by putting the spotlight on his dance. I.M was cheered by the members by showing various mime related to the movement with iron bags. At the corner quiz, their true teamwork was put to test by gauging how much they know each other.  Members' wit and sense of humour stole the show, particularly in the food segment when Minhyuk's aversion to cucumbers was tested, causing laughter amongst the members. 

However, the true test of their friendship and bonding was put to test in the K-pop challenge corner. Joohoney not only went on the stage with amazing rap, vocals, powerful dance moves and swag but showcased why he is one of the best all-rounder performers. However, Kihyun turned out to be the hidden gem when he put up a stellar dance performance to SG Wannabe's Timeless. 

Fans who watched the show also responded with sweet comments like "It's so fun" and "It's like dining out on the air," creating a friendly atmosphere with singers and fans. Since then, MONSTA X has given warmth to those who see it as enjoying the game itself regardless of the game. MONSTA X members continue to communicate with fans through various activities, including its own production content "Monchannel." 

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Anonymous : Monsta X is truly amazing. I love them so much!
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