MONSTA X releases first teaser for MV of GAMBLER, title track of upcoming album One Of A Kind

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Jooheon's official concept photo for One of a Kind, courtesy of Starship Entertainment

K-Pop group MONSTA X has released the first teaser for the music video of GAMBLER, the title track of their upcoming ninth mini album One Of A Kind.

The aforementioned record material will mark the return of the acclaimed sextet to the K-Pop scene after half a year since the release of Fatal Love, their fourth full-length album.

One of a kind is made up of seven tracks, of which GAMBLER stands out as the title track. According to the credits, this title track, as well as most of those that bring the mini album to life, feature the active participation of members I.M and Jooheon in the creative process; mainly in the lyrics and composition.

MONSTA X divided their promotions leading up to the official release of their new album into nine dates, five of which focused on the reveal of concept photos . The release of the first teaser of the MV GAMBLER is the penultimate activity before D-Day, so MONBEBE can still wait for two more audio visual materials: the second teaser of the video clip, which will arrive May 30 KST, and the preview of the album, scheduled for the last day of the month.

The 20-second teaser is filled with one engrossing still after another. Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Joohoney, Hyungwon, and I.M look dangerously charming.  The video sees the members amidst theatrical settings as if planning a major heist. The clip commences with MONSTA X’s maknae I.M raising up the heat with his sultry style. Next, the otherwise sweet Minhyuk is ready to kill with his fatal features as he exits an elevator. The scene then transitions to a mafia-like Hyungwon lounging in a bar with a drink in hand. Coming in later is member Kihyun who places an actual bomb. Joohoney makes quite literally the entrance as he breaks into a room. Leader Shownu looks like the ultimate boss as he walks into the frame like he owns the stage.

Starship previously announced that Shownu will not be in the active promotions of the new musical era. This situation was inevitable because the leader and main dancer of the boyband must concentrate on recovering his health. On the other hand, main vocalist Kihyun recently confirmed what many fans were speculating after releasing concept photos: they returned to the remembered helipad set of their first hit Hero for this comeback.

MONSTA X's comeback date is on Tuesday, June 1 at 6 pm KST.

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