MONSTA X reveals charming tracklist for upcoming mini album ‘No Limit’

Published on Nov 05, 2021 08:25 AM IST  |  353.5K
MONSTA X concept photo
MONSTA X tracklist photo; Picture Courtesy: Starship Entertainment

MONSTA X drops the tracklist for their awaited comeback ‘No Limit’ and we are so excited for it! There are 7 tracks and each track has been worked on by JOOHONEY and I.M, which tells us that each track will have a unique sound. The tracks are ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Autobahn’, Ride with U’, ‘Got me in chains’, ‘Just Love’, ‘Mercy’ and ‘I Got Love’.

Earlier, MONSTA X released the schedule poster for the new mini-album 'No Limit' on November 4th. According to the published schedule, MONSTA X will release teasing content from the 8th to the 17th, starting with the opening of the tracklist on November 5th. In addition to four versions of concept photos, a wealth of content is prepared, including mood samplers, album previews, and music video teasers.

In particular, MONSTA X plans to hold a comeback show on the 18th, the day before the release, to share various stories about the mini album 'No Limit' and communicate closely with fans. On October 25th of last month, Monsta X announced the comeback after 5 months by unexpectedly revealing the image of Coming Soon. After the completion of the ninth mini-album 'One Of A Kind', I am interested in what kind of presence MONSTA X will exert in Korea, which has continued to perform well with the single 'One Day' released in the United States. 

In particular, as JOOHONEY was in charge of producing the first title song since his debut through 'GAMBLER', the expectations for this album's participation are also outstanding. Hyungwon and I.M have also shown steady musical growth through a number of self-composed songs, so attention is paid to the color of the Monsta X table to be expressed in this new album.

MONSTA X's new mini-album 'No Limit' will be released on various online music sites on the 19th at 2 PM Korean time and 6:30 pm India Standard time. 

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Anonymous : So excited for all the content Monsta X is releasing. NO LIMIT is gonna be so amazing!!
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