MONSTA X's energetic artistic MV GAMBLER surpasses 26 million views in just five days

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MONSTA X members group photo of 9th mini album 'One Of A Kind' (Pic Credits: Starship Entertainment)

It has not even been a week and the group's latest comeback album 'One Of A Kind' has been off to a great start! MONSTA X's last Korean release was the album called 'Fatal Love' which was released on November 2, 2020. After almost half a year, the group then released a hard-hitting album with their signature concept of stronger-than-ever and more energetic album. 


The music video of the album's title track 'GAMBLER' offers a cinematic experience at a grand scale. It gives off the feeling of being an artful masterpiece with members' showcasing their intense and stunning visuals. The album and the music video of the title track was released on June 1 and today, on June 6, 2021, it has surpassed 26 million views!


Check out the music video of GAMBLER once again below:



'One of A Kind' is MONSTA X's 9th mini-album with GAMBLER as the title track that shows a story of a suspenseful game in moments of temptation and attraction. Members Joohoney, I.M, and Hyungwon also took active participation in this album. 


In an interview, Joohoney talked about the album by saying, "Like the ambitious title of the album, in 'One Of A Kid' we expressed our unique yet various styles of music in each track." The track consists of seven tracks such as Heaven, Addicted, Secrets, bebe, Rotate, GAMBLER and a Korean version of Livin' It Up


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Anonymous : continue making wonderful music loves... Monbebe love Monsta X!!
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