Monstrous’ Shin Hyun Been to reunite with Jung Woo Sung for Korean remake of a famous Japanese drama?

Shin Hyun Been has been offered the role of female lead in the Korean remake of ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’.


As a result of media reports on May 15th, Shin Hyun Been has been cast as Jung Woo Sung's counterpart in 'Tell Me You That Love Me'. Shin Hyun Been, who has been recognized for her acting skills through her 'Hospital Playlist' and 'Reflection Of You', has us looking forward to seeing her new character through this drama. 

This drama is based on 'Tell Me That You Love Me', which aired on TBS in Japan in 1995. It depicts the love story of a deaf person and an aspiring actor. Jung Woo Sung will play a deaf and painter in his 30s, and Shin Hyun Been will play an aspiring actor who falls in love with him. 


Regarding this, Shin Hyun Been's agency, Yuborn Company, showed a cautious stance, saying, "It is true that she received an offer, but it is one of the works under consideration." It is explained that there are parts that have not been decided on specific issues and are being discussed. 

'Tell Me That You Love' could be a drama that marks Jung Woo Sung's return to the small screen after about 10 years, so it has gathered a lot of attention. In particular, high attention was paid to who will take the role of his opponent.

Shin Hyun Been previously appeared with Jung Woo Sung in the movie 'Beasts That Cling to Straw'. In this movie, Shin Hyun Been played the role of Mi Ran, a woman whose family collapsed because of her debts. 

Meanwhile, Jung Woo Sung is about to release the movies 'The Hunt' and 'Guardian'. Shin Hyun Been was active in the TV drama ‘Monstrous’, which was released last month.

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Credits: News1
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