Monumental revelations unfold in latest episodes of Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil; Who is Lee Dong Sik protecting?

Things take a dark turn in the latest episodes of Beyond Evil.
The official poster for Beyond Evil. Monumental revelations unfold in latest episodes of Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil; Who is Lee Dong Sik protecting?
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On Friday, February 19, premiered JTBC's new psychological thriller "Beyond Evil" bewitching the viewers. Our two fearless leads, Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun) and Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo), are willing to go to extreme lengths in pursuit of a serial killer that has shaken up a quiet town. Despite having a smaller budget than most primetime dramas, it is the most cinematic drama so far this year.

It doesn't tell

The best part about Beyond Evil is that it does not narrate any information. It doesn't tell you anything; it shows. Showing requires paying a lot more attention to details and relying on it becomes difficult. It is much easier, from a writing perspective, to just spill everything and leave it at that.

Not always do opposites attract

Most often, dramas follow the "opposites attract" principle and partner characters with very different personalities. But in the case of Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won, they're absolutely alike, in many ways. A recipe for explosive (literally) chemistry. They're always at each other's throats, suspecting each other, doing background checks, and much more.

Curtain of Secrecy

The Lee-Han pair have another very important aspect in common - secrets. By now we have an idea about some of them. The sixth victim of the serial murders, Lee Geum Hwa, is associated with Han Joo Won. He seemed to have tried to use her as bait but it failed and he couldn't save her. The guilt seems to suffocate him as we see his reaction to Lee Dong Sik laying down the words bare. We have noticed Lee Dong Sik's phantom pain in his right thigh. It might have something to do with the mystery around Lee Sang Yeob's death. Lee Sang Yeob was his partner when Lee Dong Sik was stationed in Seoul.

A Town with A Story

Every character that has appeared so far in our quaint little town has a story. Be it Lee Dong Sik's best friend Park Jeong Jae or Manyang Butcher Shop's owner Yoo Jae Yi or soon-to-retire Chief of Manyang Police Substation, Nam Sang Bae. Some stories are bared for us while some are still under the cover of darkness.

The Profit Trio

Well that would be Han Joo Won's father Han Ki Hwan, Park Jeong Jae's mother Do Hae Won and Oh Ji Hwa's ex-husband Lee Chang Jin. These three people are together for their personal profits. Han Ki Hwan is the star candidate for the next commissioner of the National Police Agency. So he wants his son to lie low and not be the black spot in his reputation. Lee Chang Jin is the CEO of JL construction and has invested a lot for the town's development. The murder 20 years ago had stopped the process and he doesn't want any new news about murders or might be bankrupt. City council member Do Hae Won is a potential candidate for mayor of Munju. The serial killings would pose a threat to her career.

Lee Dong Sik

Sergeant Lee Dong Sik is a very mysterious entity. It would take ages to decipher the man. Even his friends do not understand him and they've known him for more than half of his life. Every action, every twitch of his lip has a reason. When episode 3 ended with revealing that he left Kang Min Jeong's fingers outside the supermarket, it was the scariest thing ever. How could he do something like that to someone who was like his daughter? Turns out, Manyang Police Substation's maknae Oh Ji Hoon witnessed Kang Min Jeong's abduction.

According to the preview for the next episode, Lee Dong Sik does not seem to be the culprit but he might know who it is. So the questions arise, "Who is Lee Dong Sik protecting and why is he even protecting the person?"

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