Mouse’s actor Lee Seung Gi’s concert cancellation in New Jersey creates dispute with event venue

Actor and musician Lee Seung Gi recently had to cancel his concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre. The actor was last seen in The Law Cafe.

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Lee Seung Gi: courtesy of HUMANMADE Entertainment
Lee Seung Gi: courtesy of HUMANMADE Entertainment
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  • Why was the concert cancelled and what’s the dispute?
  • Lee Seung Gi’s concert’s past controversy 

Lee Seung Gi is not only a talented actor but a singer as well. He has impressed his audience with songs like A Song That Will Make You Smile and Losing You. His concert in New Jersey which was supposed to happen at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre (NJPAC) got canceled and the venue is not happy with the reason stated for the cancellation. 

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Why was the concert cancelled and what’s the dispute?

As Lee Seung Gi’s concert was cancelled in New Jersey, the venue New Jersey Performing Arts Centre (NJPAC)’s officer sent out a protest email to Hugh Entertainment which manages the actor’s activities in the USA, mentioning that the cancellation was tarnishing their reputation. 

According to reports, HUMANMADE, Lee Seung Gi’s agency requested Hugh Entertainment to omit the real reason for cancellation which was lesser than expected ticket sales. After discussion, it was decided that the local venue situation would be used as the excuse instead. 

Hugh Entertainment said that they lost more than 150 million KWR due to Lee Sueng Gi’s performances in the USA. They also added that HUMANMADE needs to come out and tell the truth instead of deceiving the public who wanted to see the performances and the investors. 


Lee Seung Gi’s concert’s past controversy 

On August 30, Lee Seung Gi performed at the Cop Energy Performance Arts Center in Atlanta. It was reported that the performance pulled a huge crowd with more than 1000 audience members in an auditorium which has a seating for 2,700 people. However, this performance stirred a controversy. It was reported that the actor did a disservice to his fans. Furthermore, the artist was supposed to visit a restaurant that sponsored the event but that schedule was cancelled. HUMANMADE gave their response to this allegation and clarified that there was a verbal agreement to go to the restaurant and get clicked but the news of his visitation was advertised on social media turning the whole event into a fan meeting-type situation which was not agreed upon. 
Lee Seung Gi’s tour The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2 commenced in May.

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