This Latest Still From Sidharth-Katrina's BBD is Just Too Hot to Handle

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 It is no secret that Baar Baar Dekho is one of the most eagerly-awaited films of the year. The romantic-drama has created quite a buzz amongst movie buffs as it will see Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra sharing screen space for the very first time. Now, it seems that the craze surrounding the movie is all set to reach new heights.

A new still has been released. In it, we see Sid and Kat sharing an intimate moment. While Sidharth can be seen in a bare-chested avatar, Katrina is seen in an orange bikini. As expected, the still is just too hot to handle. Moreover, the chemistry between the dashing pair is quite crackling, to say the least. Right folks?

As far as BBD is concerned, it has been directed by Nitya Mehra and is her maiden directorial venture. Besides Sid-Kat, it also features Ram Kapoor in the lead. If all goes as planned, the film will hit screens this September.

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Sid and Kat make a HOT pair. Waiting for bbd

Sid ko mazze hai. Doing that movie and especially Kala Chashma is turning out to be lucky for him

Like Fitoor this also seems to be wasted opportunity due to awful lead pair...Its a shame because this movie sounds good on paper

sid and katrina are just perfect.

Love it. Their chemistry in the beach stills from BBD is awesome. Can't wait for more!

Sid looks amazing. Alia tu to Gia...

I so agree with the comment about RK always going after the successful girl. Rk is a talented guy but he is a very confused guy as well. I love both DP and KatrinA and it pains me to see both of them had to go through this painful heartbreak cause of this idiot!

There are few people who come to PV to take out their personal frustrations of life. And celibrities are as always soft targets. Just by reading their comments one can make out the kind of negativity and frustration they are full off.

His body language is awkward . KJo is trying so hard to make him happen.

katrina has reached her superstardom period already imo. but I disagree that with every rise, there is a downfall. she can continue to do good work but she will never reach that peak she once had. the newcomers, the likes of alia, parineeti, Shraddha, etc have potential to reach there as they are younger and are offered those roles that can get them there. plus, the rising youth prefers actors vs. non actor so even if these newcomers aren't extremely gorgeous, being just pretty is enough as long as they can act. katrina has always been known for her looks rather than acting. if she debuted now, she would have not lasted. so she was lucky she started when she did.

Has anyone noticed that promos if this movue are a song abd some stills? Nothing about acting. This what happens when you cast a chair and table in a movie.


This movie is going to rock cuz of Ranbir's karma. Ranbir will never succeed as long as he continue chasing actresses with top hits. He chased deepika after Om shanti Om and left Deepika when they both gave flops after flops. He chased Katrina the number 1 at that time and left her after both of them gave flops. Before the release of Bombay velvet. KRK posted a tweet saying if Bobay velvet Tanked Ranbir will leave Katrina. Ranbir is superstitious and is trying to make a super hit Rishi and Neeto pair which is not going to work with him cuz of his bad intentions.

I do not even understand how people say that Katrina's career is over. I mean seriously she has had just 1 flop in recent times which was Fitoor but so did a FAN under-perform starring SRK himself, and it does not mean that their careers are essentially over. People are judging as if they all know her future projects and know the exact business of each. RIDICULOUS!

One flop? in d3 she was hardly there, BB was a flop and its collections was forged, phantom flop and fitoor a disaster. Be honest please. Kat is over as she has no offers and still cant act relying on her hot body and item form 2003 in a time where newcomers and juniors are pretty , hot and acts well. Kat is over as she has lost many brands and titles to newcomers . Every rise has a fall so she can be on top forever. More see most popular celebs in india 2016 on google , kat is not in the list at all. so chill. post pv

Bang bang was a flop?!!!. Your hatred has certainly reached new heights.

I could not agree more.

Does this woman know anything other than taking off her clothes and doing cheap moves in the name of dancing? I hope all her movies flop badly so that she can be out of bollywood for good. I blame SK for inflicting this fake, talentless chick on all of us. PV pls post!

She is actually one of the very few actress who has exposed the least. And never ever can this woman look cheap. She is Elegant in every way. You can always stop watching her movies. No one is forcing you. I too dislike quite a few actors,but I refrain from making vicious comments on their post. Why don't you just avoid her post?

yes we havent seen HER movies fitoor and phantom. Rest of the movies with her 15 mins of cameo has our favs khans, hrithik, akshay, rk so we have no choice .

How is this guy linked up with alia..sorry no hate. But he can get any girl he wants looking like that. And Katrina is such a babe

they look damn good together

katrina can only this to show her fit body fitoor she only talked about hw she worked hard for pashmina song which was not in d movie here also its only abs n abs n nw bikini....she hasnt done a single movie which v can remember her for byt we know her as kamali or chikni chameli or sheila n nw kaala chasma.....yes she has the hottest body and thats it nothing else to offer

I live in us and there is nothing wrong with wearing clothes like that but the problem is that Katrina only focus on showing her body and that's not good as an actor you have been here for so many years like kangana make a name for your self, every post don't have to be about you being hot, can it focus on other aspects of your intelligence
Pinkvilla please post

She looks too old for him. Great body but no chemistry, no matter ho wmuch skin they yshow.

everyone complaining about the skin show.. this is actually a REALLY decent shot. they look like a normal millennial couple on an exotic vacation. to me its very innocent. you can't expect her to wear a burkha in water, plus siddharth is shirtless, so why are there no comments on his "skin show" and him "exposing"? half of the heroes take off their shirts when their acting is poor.

They look cute, happy and healthy, looks almost like a real couple's vacation photo. Looking forward for the movie.

Sid is superstar

Did is superstar

Katrina looks good! But about Sid ...the less said the better..He has only 2 expressions...either smile or Blank!!

I think they should get married..they're so so hot n sexy together juz luking at demand baar baar n they always seems so happy around each other!#truth

Alia will DIE when she sees this!

SLAYYY Katrina don't let these haters bring you down. Hope the content of this movie is good , it could be this summers feel good big hit

They look better in this still than in Kala Chashma

Gosh it's been 11 years. How is India still obsessed with katrina?!?!

She is in bollywood for last 14 years..

This will end up like Fitoor. Everyone will say the leads look good together but then once they see the acting, it will be a disappointment. I can feel it :(

Guys. Please. For all this 'white woman' crap katrina gets ..she's been the only one to act the most 'Indian' by not donning a bikini in her ten year long career. Okay. So please stop with the 'she needs to show her body all the time' as far as I remember katrina has only ever gone as far as showing her stomach and legs! Whereas all te other 'Indian' actresses have all worn bikinis. I just thought I'd point this out since so many people here are the first to jump on that 'white girl Indian values' Brigade when it comes to katrina!

The point is all she has to offer is her hot body , she is supposed to be an actress not a dancer.

lol wat katrina did in boom is just terrible others wore bikini n looked good

*snap* *snap* *snap* That's how you burn the haters! WITH FACTS. I LOVE THAT.

BOW DOWN TO THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS. tired of people saying "omg she's so hot" Why don't you guys expect anything else from her???? She gets so much hate but can only be known as hot. What a shame. Other actresses are hot too but so what? There are non actresses who are hot too. So what? I just wish people had more expectations on her so she could prove to people she is worth her job title. Maybe then she would improve her acting and hindi and secure her career. But I guess being hot is the way to go. How sad is this world?

Um to some one who said ash never wore a bikini....she wore it in her miss world pageants. So please sit down. not that I judge her for it.

Umm...not that is at all relevant, but Aishwarya did NOT wear a bikini in the swimsuit round of the Miss World pageant. She wore a one-piece swimsuit. Google it. A bikini by definition is a two-piece swimsuit. You might want to get your facts right before trying to patronize others. Whether or not Aishwarya wants to wear a bikini or not is a personal choice, so I don't have anything to say about it. But I have seen Dhoom 2 and she wasn't seen wearing a bikini at all in that film or at her Miss World/Miss India pageants.

OMG what a body..kudos to her for starving herself and following her strict diet..Only you can do it Kat..just so dreamy..surreal..what a toned body..

i don't see this picture as titillating...yeah they are both attractive people but it looks like a really candid and natural shot..and sid is showing more skin than katrina but no complaints for him..every inch of exposed skin on a woman's body has meaning and impact but nothing of the sort for a man.

Bang Bang Part 2

She looks great with Sid, just as she did with Adi. Putting her with attractive guys is a good look! I want RS and Katrina in a comedy!!! That would be awesome.

They are attractive as individuals. As a pair they look odd. The above picture looks as if the brother is having fun with his sister at beach.

Perfect 10.

she is gorgeous. Please give her credit where it's due. Her body is banging. And every actress wants to be sexy.

its the same old hot body from sheila to chikni to kamli to pashmina to kala but wr is the variation she is hot thats it she is never called an actress nw its just about how hot she looks

As her fan I request Katrina to stop putting pictures that only show skin it's very desperate and disrespectful to woman! Nothing wrong with wearing bikinis or doing itum number but if only that said of your life your going to promote then it a shame! Learn from kangana a bit!!
Pinkvilla post it and don't ignore please!

Why are people hating on her for exposing. First of all she is one of the actresses who exposed the least. Deepika in cocktail race 2. Kareena kambaqth ishq. Aalia student of year. Anushka ladies vs Ricky. Every actress has already worn a bikini and exposed much more than her. Katrina has only exposed in her songs and even then not as much as others. So please stop hating. I don't think it's bad that actresses expose. They are glamorous. People like to see a sexy actress. It's part of being an actress. Katrina is perfect.

lol r u for real....what was boom then? thats what i thought. goodbye delusional fan

I think the reason people hate Katrina for exposing because that is all she does. That is what she is known for! Yeah all actress expose and show off their bodies but that is what is required these days. I don't think of Kareena Kapoor as an item girl or Aishwarya, or Deepika. Even if they do item songs, they are also known for ACTING! That is what they are supposed to do right? Katrina even exposes in real life too: Ibiza pics, wearing shorts at parties. Nothing new, I mean everyone does it....

But then all these wonderful actresses can act and proved it in short span of their career. Kat yet to prove her acting abilities.

Ranbir turn away now lol

Sunny leone will have to step up her game coz the competition just got tougher

Same old same old? She doesn't decide what she wears. The costume designers do. And I think both swimsuits are completely different. Check again, since you looked at each one so closely lol

Dang talk about being obsessed with Katrina and her stills from Bang Bang. I wouldn't say that still was serious, but this one is definitely more on the lighter note since Sid and Katrina are laughing. Hrithik and Katrina were just laid back with only Hrithik smiling. Lol now even I'm obsessed

She looks damn gorgeous!. She is just too beautiful. And this constant rant about her being a non actor is getting bit too much now. I for one like her acting. She does not give over the top expressions that doesnot mean she is a bad actor. And except for Kareena and Kangana no one else is a natural actor of this generation. She was called the fourth khan for the longest time cause of her capability of giving hit after hit.She might be down but she definitely is not out!.

Looks like this film is based on skin show. Bang Bang or Boom two. You decide

Admit guys..they looking hot ...and cute.....

This woman is beyond hott!!!. What a stunning stunning woman.She just carries everything with such elan!

Damage control after her misbehavior with media again.

Kat fans to haters oh she is sexy hot u r jealous , it will be a hit blah blah but then who have the last laugh? haters as kat never proves her haters wrong and always lives upto their expectations example Bb , phantom and fitoor. Sad but true

So you agree you are a hater. Good you have accepted it. Hate is a very serious disease. I hope you get well soon!

so you agree that kat never disappoint her haters and lives up to their expectations but always disappoints her fans. post plz

she is laughing maybe because Sid's is small

hotness personified

Alia jus look away my dear, no don't click on this post just don't do it!

She looks hot and he is super cute too. So what if she has a bikini ? All actresses at some point do it - aish (dhoom) deepika and lara (houseful) and numerous others. Get over it lol

Actually, I'm certain Aishwarya never wore a bikini in Dhoom.

Sid looks genuinely happy!

Damn this is actually hot. Like the way they're laughing is actually real! And this is far from similar to HR and Kat's still from Bang Bang, they were so serious in that. This one is so natural!

Even the colour of Katrina's swimsuit is similar to what she wore in that song from Bang Bang. The difference is that the Bang Bang swim suit was technically a one piece and had other colors too, and this is a single-tone orange bikini (with most of her lower half completely exposed in this suit). Hrithik and Katrina were playing in the sea in that song too - they weren't serious but supposed to look like lovers, and there was more chemistry between them than the couple here. This is just a still from Bar Bar Dekho so we cannot say more at this point, but the point is it is all "same old, same old" with her.

Very good looking pair!

She is left for all this, no expectation s.. She is done and out , this is a flop movie, they are selling it on trashy item no. And bikini shows, ek baar bhi na dekhna, if she exposes or not, it does not matter, script is important, otherwise boom would hv been big hit..

She is damn hot.

OMG so hot..

He looks so much better with her than he does with alia, after this move I'm sure the hype around his pair with alia will disappear. Looking forward to the movie

Might as well reuse the swimsuit from Bang Bang's 'Mehrabaan' song. Waste not want not.

such a bad smile of both

... Huh:/

Oii Maaa!!!

Aree Baap Re!

Omg I'm so jealous right now:/

They look great together!

She is hot. Period. No amount of hate can change the fact that she is disciplined when it comes to taking care of her health. Perhaps we can judge her acting skills once we can raise the standards of Hindi cinema. Until then everyone is in to make money, and she is no different.

What nonsense. Stop equating all of Hindi cinema with the likes of Katrina Kaif. EVery movie industry in the world has commercial oriented movies (Transformers franchise) and worthwhile cinema (The Dark Knight). Similarly, you have Vidya Balan/Madhuri/Sridevi/Tabu for every Katrina/Zarine/Nargis. One is not the same as the other. Don't try to confuse the issues here.

Bingo! You're 100% correct. As a comic book nut myself, I can vouch for how absolutely unwatchable the Transformers franchise is, although it is a colossal box office money spinner. Same goes for pretty much every romcom in the last 15 years out of Hollywood with very few exceptions. And then you have Deadpool, Bridesmaids and the Dark Knight on the other hand.

When other actress expose..its no big deal but if kat means flop? Or something..bullshit !! She has the right body..its her wish.. Save it.!

Its not about exposing. But its all she does. She cant act well so she relies on having a hot body and showing it off. Thats it. No talent. Atleast other actresses have acting talent to back it up

hottness every where.......

Maybe it's just me, but this looks eerily reminiscent of a promo/song from Bang Bang with Hrithik and Katrina.

this movie is about hot bodies with non actors......katrina wearing bikini first time thats wat ppl will come to c

looking so pretty....waiting for the movie :)))

can't wait

oh my gawddddd I have waited so long to see katrina in a bikini and I never thought she would wear one! So excited!!

trillion$ question is will she come out of water or will remain in water just like bang bang

Oh my. Katrina haters are going to have a hard time adjusting to this one. Especially as her kala chasma becomes the most viewed Indian song of all time!

It's not Katrina's Kaala Chasma song. It's a very popular hit song and has been for a long time. Don't also forget that the video of the SPOOF mocking Katrina is also the most viewed parody video from Shudh Desi Videos. Shudh Desi Videos made a very brutal parody of Baby ko Bass Pasand Hai too, but because Salman has such a devout fan following, it did not do Salman much harm. The video of the spoof is proof of how much she is disliked.

Releasing stills only to show her body and sexy side is a prove itself that this film has nothing to offer so using her body to attract people. Flop for sure.

hater please stay away. if u dont like please dont click here.

What happen to her no kissing and no bikini onscreen clause?

Boom part 2.

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