Anushka-Ranbir's fun camaraderie is hard to miss in this new still from ADHM!

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Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has become one of the most discussed teasers in the recent times. From its music, to visuals and its lead actors' chemistry, ADHM has managed to hit the right notes with all.
Now, the makers of the movie have released a new still from the film and we are loving the vibe of it. The still features Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, candidly captured having a hearty laugh together.
While Anushka is having a fun time wandering around the streets with her loved one, Ranbir is busy admiring her fun personality and beauty. We are loving their camaraderie here. What about you?
Directed by Karan Johar and produced by Dharma Productions, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is all set to release on October 28, 2016.
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a bollywood birdie has told me, anushka ranbir have done alot of over acting

You can't leave it like that...Tell, tell.

Zero chemistry

a) I agree with the person who said Ranbir has great eyes, thank God not green or blue ones though!
Very emotive eyes!

b) Anushka is seeming chirpy and cute in the teaser, what's wrong with that?? I love it! Her character is probably supposed to be in contrast to that of melancholic Ash's, I guess?

Divyanka Tripathi would have looked much better in this role

You're funny

Every still from every movie looks the same, hero and heroine with the biggest smiles having the time of their lives walking on a foreign street in stylish outfits.

Love it..can't wait for ADHM

Anushka why? Your face was alright before...Lesson to all young girls, please love yourselves. God made you just fine, do not envy others and try to become them. It could look like a good fix at first but later youd discover insecurity is self inflicted punishment.

Ranbir looks cute.

Want more pics Ranbir Anushka.

i think ranbir and anushka are paid to do this

AD logic

Ranbir has the most beautiful eyes, so much character and depth in his eyes... Light eyes might be very popular in our country but it can make one look vampish, catty and street smart. Thank god he didn't inherit those blue Kapoor eyes, when I was tiny my great-grandmother told me that one must never trust a light eyed person and I stored that info in my subconscious but never really tested it... It was too lame to be tested or to be acknowledged but time and time again this stupid superstition of my granny has proved to be true... Coming back to RK's eyes... Best place to loose oneself.

LOL. you are funny. Ranbir eyes are the most below average part of his face. His eyes are small, dull and deep set. That is why he looks good in glasses. He has very good looking face and physique otherwise.

WRONG..MR. GREEN EYES has the best eyes...

People mix star's actual personalit with the personlaity of their characters.. She plays "bubbly" here and some other movies, but she doesn't in many too - Dil Dhadakne Do, Sultan, Rab ne, NH10, her other film with Ranbir, etc. Her characters are generally layered and are strong/independent, which isn't the same thing. I'm not her fan but it's annoying when people mix onscreen characters with offscreen personalities, for other actresses too. Nobody does this for the actors because people don't generally pigeon-hole them

They would make an some brother sister duo! Don't know why they can't see it.

Something is off about Ranbir Kapoor in this movie.
Have seen him play very similar roles,(besides Barfi!)
Ash and Fawed seem like the perfect casting for this movie...
will have to wait and see what Karan is trying to convey.


Which disease? lol

Ranbir is magical. Love their chemistry.

We want more pics of Aishwarya & Fawad!! Not Ranbir & Anushka anymore please. Anushka seems to be doing the same bubbly girl thing she did in all her movies till now . Ranbir is also playing the same flirty guy he played in Bachna ae hasino, YJHD, Besharam,APKGK etc etc!

Anushka I love your energy - your a fire

back to bubbly girl after sucha brilliant performance in her home production nh10 ud think shed go on something more.

Just because she looks happy in the still, it makes her 'bubbly'? WTF logic of haters ^

Why did u leave out the most imp piece of info from this? They revealed that the song is gonna be an ode to RK's uncle Shammi Kapoor
's song "An Evening in Paris". Gosh, Ranbir's lip-singing to Mohammed Rafi and bring back the dance style of the ever-eccentric Shammi Kapoor! (oh How i wish Ranbir had gotten the eyes of the Kapoor males !)

He looks Neetu Singh than Kapoors.

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