Kangana Ranaut reminisces last visit to Kashi Vishvanath as she offers prayers in an UNSEEN pic; Take a look

Updated on Sep 27, 2020 10:16 AM IST  |  729.2K
Kangana Ranaut reminisces last visit to Kashi Vishvanath as she offers prayers in an UNSEEN pic; Take a look

Amid the Bollywood drug nexus which is being probed by the Narcotics Control Bureau, Kangana Ranaut today, took to Twitter to share an old photo from her archives. Yes, Kangana dig deep into her albums to share a throwback photo from the time when she visited Kashi Vishavanath. In the said photo, this Queen actress is seen wearing an Indian attire while praying and from what we can see, Juhi Chawla is sitting next to her. Alongside the photo, Kangana wrote, “This picture is from my recent visit to Kashi Vishvanath. Har Har Mahadev Folded hands…”

Yesterday, after Anushka Sharma lashed out at Sunil Gavaskar for his distasteful comments against her during an IPL match. Later, Kangana Ranaut criticised Sunil Gavaskar for taking Anushka Sharma’s name in his commentary during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab. However, Kangana also accused Anushka of ‘selective feminism’. By way of a tweet, Kangana called out Anushka for remaining quiet when she was called Haramkhor by a Shiv Sena leader. Kangana wrote, “#Anushka remained quiet when I was threatened and called Haramkhor but today the same misogyny coming to bite her, I condemn the fact that she was dragged in to cricket by #SunilGavaskar but selective feminism is equally uncool,” she wrote on Twitter.

Furthermore, Kangana Ranaut said that although Sunil Gavaskar’s comments did not have a sexual reference, however, he shouldn’t have mentioned Anushka’s name. “Only a sex starved pervert will find sexual context to #SunilGavaskar’s statement which he made on national television for a woman, he should’ve not mentioned her, but Anushka is playing a cricketer in her next and there are several videos of her practising with her husband,” shared Kangana.

Check out the post here:

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Anonymous : She looks like a drunkard , if we morphed this pic and attached to. A bar there would be no difference
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Don't just visit. Internalize it too
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : Nau sau chuhe maar ke billi haj ko chali. Translation : after killing 900 mice the cat goes for pilgrimage.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : I admired Sadguru until he started hanging out with toxic Bollywood types.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : LOL ... I hope NCB will be inviting you to meet them soon.
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Slightly old footage ... but that's OK
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : Is that Juhi Chawla with her?
REPLY 6 1 year ago
Anonymous : no thats chandla rangu
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : Being a fan of sadguru..She is acting opposite of what he preaches
REPLY 17 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yes! He is so wise and serene. He should give her sense.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : Pavitratha ki murthi - Kangaroo
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : Pavitra kankana bhakti mein magan ho gayi hai. What a pure womaniya.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : Om NamahShivaya NamahShivaya Om NamahShivaya
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : Aur kuch? Full on whitewash going on. God knows everything. Wait for your punishment. You can’t fool almighty. You are pathetic. You have a darkest black heart. Stop dirty PR. Pv post it.
REPLY 28 1 year ago
Anonymous : Om NamahShivaya NamahShivaya Om NamahShivaya
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Looks like full on drugs. Then she blames other people
REPLY 24 1 year ago
Anonymous : Is she the only person in the world who went to Kashi Vishwanath. I have also visited there twice with my family but I don't flaunt it every freaking time.
REPLY 28 1 year ago
Anonymous : I agree with u, but what about people who post pics outside golden temple and haj. Ur hatred should not be person specific
REPLY 14 1 year ago
Anonymous : But obviously no one would be intresed in watching ur pics over there.. And it's her acc who r u to tell her what is to be posted and what not..?
REPLY 1 1 year ago