Movie Stills: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

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Exclusive movie stills from Kareena Kapoor & Imran Khan's upcoming movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.


immu is hawt!!!

kareena u are looking so beautiful and cant wait for the movie.

Wow Bebo looks mesmerising

Beautiful! Kareena..i think will create waves with this gaon look..she the simplicity...

by the way who is this Shraddha ??..she is nothing before Bebo...she will look like an extra in front of Bebo stop ur jealousy .

they r trying to make jab we met...which is impossible..nd this guy is no shahid kapoor for god sake..

Where's Shraddha?

this looks soooo boring

The storyline is not unique but still I'm interested.

Begum of bollywood is verygorgeous. Even imran khan shared his fondness for kareena.

nothing new .. gonna flop.. they will throw success parties thou :)

Kareena is amazing! Imrans good too. Cant wait for this one.

Karan is such a perv. Now the dancers are wearing transparent clothing. What's next.

There chemistry sucks

That very newbie look for absolute stunner from simple, vintage, classy, chic and traditional..she got it right every time!

Wow Kareena looks so pretty

Love the colors and the modern transparent lehenga the background dancers are wearing.

kareena looks pretty in a desi avatar and the film seems cute and simple.

Tue, 2013-09-10 04:34 — Anonymous
Kareena does not look gaun ki chori.
They would have taken shradha for this role
Shraddha is nothing compared to Bebo in looks and talent so lay off.

Imran's acting is the same in every single movie. So sick of him now.

Kareena does not look gaun ki chori.
They would have taken shradha for this role

Imraan and kareena look MADE FOR EACH OTHER here.i cant wait for that movie
Why on earth is everyone so obsessed with shraddha?? Shes bollywoods most homely and mousey looking actress and her acting skills are just BARELY competent! Sonakshi sinha cud have done a flawless performance as Arohi but everyone is running behinsd shraddha like she is the worlds next aishwarya rai
Thqt molester shakti kapoor must have hired the worlds best pr machine for his lookalike daughter

Oh yea shraddha would have suited this role intead of kareena but too bad its auntiji thats playing imrans lover instead she could have played his mother

Imran ...sure shot flop guy

Imran is so beautiful!

Beautiful pics

who cares about shraddha!

Kareena does not look gaun ki chori.
They would have taken shradha for this role

It looks good but wher is Shradha?

lovely desi clothes she's wearing. beats those half-naked western outfits anyday.

Lovely, can't wait for the movie. bebo is so cute

Shaddha??? :(

His signature expression that you can see in every movie of him is turning the wrist and pout like girl with his upper lip open up....This same expression he did in Ishq ki song from OUATIMD and jab mila tu from IHLS.

Im scared for Imran...the criticism is getting harsher and harsher everyday!!


Oh the 4th pic is just so cute

looks fab.. kareena's lehenga is awsome.

after seeing trailer I am excited about this movie!!

Kareena looks pretty !!!
Imran has same expression throughout !!! Kuch toh mamu se seekh liya hota :X

i think it's about a guy who gets stuck in the village where his ancestors left him property to inherit. But he has to stay there for a while in order to inherit and while doing so he falls in love with a local girl.

Beautiful!!!! Very Desi.....yet simple...

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