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Also share your thoughts on the music
Presenting full songs of latest bollywood movie Krrish 3 starring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut, Rekha. The music is composed by Rakesh Roshan. Enjoy and Stay conected!!


here's hritik roshan with the cheap faces he makes. I find him so sidey

I want to see more Hrithik movies!

It is sad how we get to see him only once a year.

Good luck for Krrish 3 :)

You guys who are saying the music sucks... How do you tell your brother/uncle that you don't want him to do the soundtrack to your next movie coz his music's too outdated?? Not a convo I'd like to have!

the good part is that they are promoting both the actresses and the villain as well.

Can't wait to see HR and PC together!

waiting for krrish

Seriously very boring. Not a movie I´m desperately waiting for.

The soundtrack isn't promising anything good either...

I really hope this is the last Krrish movie, Hrithik needs to graduate from this franchize soooon!!!
He looks better with Kangana imo, I'm a little tired of his pairing with Priyanka, they never had awesome chemistry....

first pic

# songs that hear good 1)God.Allah,bagwan/Dil thu e bata/ ragupati raghav but the other songs are outdated I think krrish krrish song could have been more better if AR Rehman would have composed it. It could have been more energetic and powerful

Expected much better music than this, I hope next time rakesh roshan signs AR Rehman as his music composer, Alisha and zuben are good in the song dil thu e bata and ragupati raghav rocks.

Wed, 2013-09-18 13:09 — Anonymous
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Music of Besharam and Krrish 3... u just get this vibe from 90s when music was going through a very bad phase...
90's were not bad for music....

OKAYY! Biggest HRithik Roshan fan. but i dont want this movie to release. I feel it's gonna be so embarrassing. Hope not. But whats up with the hrithik and kangana anglle? WTF!


Piggie Chops beware of her ,,
She"ll steal the show from u :)

PC looks super Gorgy:P But As much i love Both Hritik and PC the music of this movie is such a letting down...Very bad not even Average...Good luck

Kangana is really stealing the show.

PC looks hot...can't wait for her new single and this both in the same month:DD

i can't get over how lame this movie looks :/

I would like to see hrithik with asin sonakshi anushka as a fresh pair....not these same old beauties or some foreign aunts like kites...

Its so nice to see Kangana get her dues in this film rather than being put aside just because there are two other big actors in the movie.

im not liking the sexualized female characters

This movie looks so stupid

@ "maybe Priyanka morphs into Kangana"

----> Oh yeah, maybe! Like a Chammak Challo kinda thing.

That pic with PC/Hrithik floating in the air is hot! Not liking the songs much. :( Maybe they'll grow on me after watching the movie.

Im loving it ALL!!! PC, Hritick and Kangana look damn HOT!

Music of Besharam and Krrish 3... u just get this vibe from 90s when music was going through a very bad phase...

maybe Priyanka morphs into Kangana

HOT HOT HOT!!! Most excited about Kangana Ranaut!!!!

Thanks Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan for doing a justice to Kangana by giving equal importance as Priyanka in Poster. Kangana will surely rock...

Music is cute (if I can describe it such!!) old timish! I quite like it...!

that picture with the three of them in it looks damn hot!

HR-PC looks hot.

i like the music

BHOKKWASS songs...#dissapointed...

Can't wait:D

Another day in paradise

I would only watch this for the super villains Kangana and Vivek, otherwise I hate the Krrish series.

That was some really bad music......kangana looks great though, will wait till its out on dvd.

I never liked this genre of movie and don't wanna watch it but wish them the best

I dont think ive heard a worse album for a big movie, ever. Sounds straight out of the sooner the better forgotten 90's. Yuck.

PC-hrithik look hot together.

awesome pics...wanna see more....hrithik is HOT HOT HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

last pic took my beath......hottie hrithik:):)will be interesting to see him romanting with 2 hotties pc n kagna:):):)

Omg kangana looks hot!

plz roshans..... get a good music director.. i know its your brother.. but its not working

the songs do sound outdated
like even before koi mil gaya times
but i kinda like bollywood music seems very western
or i just have a weird choice

Post the other stills as well..the music does sound early 2000 bollywood pop

Can anyone explain: didn't Kangna walk out of this movie (and with everything to do with the Roshans) after her story/character in KITES was mercilessly cut and edited out?

There were rumours of Chitragandha Singh or Jacquline Fernandez being cast in KRISH 3, and now here's Kangna - and even though her look int he film will mean she def gets noticed, this movie too will be a huge Hrithik-fest - not much room for her. (though having said that i have no doubt her role will be more memorable than PC, all the lead woman in Roshan's movies are sickly over the top sweet)

this music is so outdated

First pic is very interesting. It's like Krish romancing Kangna.

Woo! Kangana looking amazing! And Hrithik also.

Voh excited to watch kangna with hrithik

There was awesome picture of Vivek from Bombay Times.

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