Mr. Queen EP 5 & 6 RECAP: The Queen twerks to BLACKPINK; imagines being Steve Jobs in Joseon

Episodes 5 and 6 of Mr Queen see King Cheol Jong falling for Kim So Yong while she tries to go back to her original life.
Mr. Queen EP 5 & 6 RECAP: The Queen twerks to BLACKPINK; imagines being Steve Jobs in Joseon
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In a troublesome body-swap, the spirit of a modern time chef gets transported to the body of a Queen in the Joseon period. This is the premise of the mega-hit Korean drama Mr. Queen which is currently airing in South Korea as well as worldwide.

In episode 5 of the drama, the Shakespearean face-off continues which ends in the grandmother Queen threatening Mr. Queen, aka Kim So Yong played by Shin Hye Sun that she would be placed into house arrest, would never be able to see her family again, will never be able to leave her room and will have to step down as Queen. All Mr. Queen is bothered about is going back home so she wants to go jump in the lake again but the spring has gone dry! Kim So Young is wary of the situation because apparently, everyone seems to dislike her and to get back on the Queen Mother’s side, she can only use one method: food. She not only cooks up a whole feast but also invents a new kind of carrying device, never before seen in Joseon but common in present-day Korea. The Mother Queen is clearly impressed with So Yong and she’s back in her good books.

King Cheol Jong is starting to have inclinations towards Kim So Yong because he wants to apologise to her for his recent behaviour throughout the entire episode. He walks to the Queen’s quarters to try and apologise but soon, it starts raining cats and dogs. Mr. Queen of course, is very happy because this means that the lake will be replenished and he can dive in to go back home. Kim So Yong appears happier than ever at the rain, doing a little happy-dance which the King sees and immediately, he has heart eyes for her.

However, back to the Queen’s point of view, she’s dancing away to BLACKPINK’s Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du. The King arrives and apologises to her and she simply dismisses him by saying that it’s alright. Once the King leaves, she starts twerking to BLACKPINK, which makes lightening strike but that just makes her even more glad.

Later that night, with the lake all filled up, she sneaks out of her quarter after telling her maids to buy land in Gangnam and apologising for being hard to handle. She goes up to the lake and dives in, sinking all the way to the bottom but nothing happens. She’s starting to drown and lose oxygen when she sees the King Cheol Jong swimming to her. She resists him but he just wants to save her. Soon, she can’t resist anymore and passes out, prompting the King to swim back up to surface as soon as possible.

Episode 6 begins with the King saving Mr. Queen followed by a big old argument about him saving her. Mr. Queen wonders if there’s any other way to get his original life back and resorts to shamanistic rituals. She seeks help but it is denied so she figures that she has to do this on her own. She tries to use an old Joseon version of an Ouija board to call the Queen’s spirit back but is unsuccessful. The rumour spreads about the Queen trying to jump in the lake again and all the politicians want to now get rid of the Queen. Cheol Jong warns the Queen ahead of time about this and tells her that he wants to trust her. Mr. Queen goes up to the Queen Mother and tells her that she is going to fix everything and Queen Mother tells her that she has to.

So Yong thinks up a plan and tells all the carriers to spread the rumour that the Queen jumped into the lake to protect the King and his concubine. It is successful and everyone now thinks that she’s literally an angel from heaven above. Cheol Jong tells Hwa Jin that they need to do something for the Queen in return. He tells her to write a letter to her father asking him to not oust the Queen and she says that in return, he will have to spend the night with her.

MR. Queen, meanwhile, is thinking of all the cool things he can do here in Joseon because nobody knows anything about the future and he knows everything. He wants to start a delivery company or maybe invent air conditioning – all sorts of things. On the other hand, we take a time skip into the future where we see Jang Bong Hwan’s body in a hospital with an oxygen mask on. Someone removes that mask from his face and simultaneously, Kim So Yong in Joseon with Bong Hwan’s soul in her body, passes out.

Episode 6 thus ends on a super cliff-hanger and it will be interesting to see how things transpire.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I Love Mr. Queen. It's hilarious and fun

Anonymous 2 months ago

I Love Mr. Queen. It's hilarious and fun..

Anonymous 2 months ago

Cant contain my excitement to wait for sat nd sun to come .

Anonymous 2 months ago

This series is fantastic cant wait for the 7 th episode.