Mr Queen Ep 8 RECAP: Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun share a surprise kiss in the middle of a fight

Published on Jan 04, 2021 04:13 PM IST  |  3.4M
Mr Queen Ep 8 RECAP: Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun share a surprise kiss in the middle of a fight

In a troublesome body-swap, the spirit of a modern time chef gets transported to the body of a Queen in the Joseon period. This is the premise of the mega-hit Korean drama Mr. Queen which is currently airing in South Korea as well as worldwide.

Mr Queen thinks that So Yong’s memories are triggered by a sense of smell so she stuffs two little pieces of cloth up her nose to prevent all the memories from flooding in. However, it doesn’t work. She explores the place and finds a warehouse full of gold and jewels and thinks that she can use this wealth to get the Queen Grandmother on her side. At the same time, the King gets announced and her maids drag her out to see the King.

With So Yong’s memories now, Mr Queen feels her heart flutter when the King walks up to her. Mr Queen takes the bouquet of flowers from the King and starts hitting herself with it, telling So Yong to get out of her own body. While walking around her childhood home with the King, they notice a well which immediately makes the King clam up and collapse to the ground. Mr Queen is worried, wondering what happened while her father, looks at the situation with a little suspicion. Hwa Jin shows up because she had decided to go to the Queen’s house to prevent a secret from being revealed to the King. However, she says that she came out of concern for So Yong.

Hwa Jin and So Yong move to a separate room to talk and So Yong tells her that she knows why she’s here. Mr Queen, with So Yong’s real memories, knows what Hwa Jin did and tells her that she knows her secret that she doesn’t want the King to learn. However, she also says that she’s going to let her tell him the secret herself because, despite her crush on Hwa Jin as Bong Hwan, she now knows her real self.

Byeong In shows up at the Queen’s place with his guards saying that he’s going to guard the Queen. The King says that he has the royal guards protecting the Queen but Byeong In says that the royal guards protect the King but he’s going to be the one to protect the Queen.

A while later, someone charges at the Queen which prompts King Cheol Jong to do a flying spin kick and knock the guy down. Mr Queen is all heart eyes about the King and it is clearly not just So Yong’s emotions. Later, after a grand meal, Byeong In and the King have a staredown and pass out. When they wake up, the King spots Jwa Geun’s left-hand man whom he employs as an assassin. He’s here to find something that Jwa Geun wants and King immediately apprehends him. The two have a fight while So Yong wakes up still drunk. She thinks it’s a tango and starts following them while they have a serious fight, creating one of the funniest scenes of the episode.

A knife goes past her which sobers her up and he immediately takes a pot and throws it over the thief’s head. However, it hits the King instead. Byeong In hears this and announces that everyone needs to head inside but the King hears him and pulls the Queen in for a kiss.

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