Mr Queen Ep 9 Preview EXPLAINED: The secret of the well REVEALED; Mr Queen stans the King

Published on Jan 05, 2021 02:20 PM IST  |  3.4M
Mr Queen Ep 9 Preview EXPLAINED: The secret of the well REVEALED; Mr Queen stans the King

In a troublesome body-swap, the spirit of a modern time chef gets transported to the body of a Queen in the Joseon period. This is the premise of the mega-hit Korean drama Mr. Queen which is currently airing in South Korea as well as worldwide.

In episode 8 of Mr Queen, Cheol Jong gets more and more protective of Queen So Yong while she feels her heart flutter after a surprise kiss.

In the preview for episode 9, we see that the Queen wakes up happily but with the King right by her side. The Queen is apprehensive about whether they finally did it, or in other words, whether they finally slept together. For obvious reasons, Mr Queen had been avoiding this situation but she can’t seem to remember whether it actually happened. In a flashback, we see King Cheol Jong put a finger up to the Queen’s lips.

Byeong In storms into a palace with his guards and conducts a thorough search for something he’s after.

We’re then taken back to the past and we finally see glimpses of what happened at the well which made the King nearly pass out when we walked by it. There are 2 kids in the well, presumably Cheol Jong and So Yong and on the surface, someone is sealing the well. In the next scene, we see So Yong wailing while another little girl presumed to be Hwa Jin, looking on. So Yong is heard saying, “I killed him because I didn’t keep his secret

In another scene, we see the King and Queen in the city on “undercover day” having a meal while another civilian is badmouthing the royal family. So Yong is passive at first but she quickly gets agitated and defends the King. When asked who she was, she replies by saying that she’s the President of the King’s Fan Club. Looks like the Queen is getting protective too!

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