Ranbir Miffed With The 'Kangana Link Up' Rumours; Knows Who Is Behind It!

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For some time now, there have been rumours of Kangana Ranaut dating a 'young superstar' which, as per the grapevine, was Ranbir Kapoor. Now, buzz is that, Ranbir Kapoor is extremely miffed with the 'baseless' rumours. 

A leading daily reports a source as saying, “He is wondering where these rumours originated as there is no truth to it. Ranbir, who is shooting for Jagga Jasoos in Mumbai, since he has come back from Morocco, is in a state of shock over the spate of stories that have sprung out of nowhere in the last few months. He is upset that people are taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t issue clarifications. There is no truth in the stories of Ranbir and Kangana’s affair, yet in a very systematic manner this is being spread in media. He knows who is behind these rumours and if this continues, he is considering issuing a strong denial this time.”

Do you think Ranbir will release an official statement on this? Thoughts?

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Ranbir was indeed trying to mess with Kangana by sending her e-mails. He was impressed with her super success with queen and twmr and wanted to learn some acting secrets from her to rescue his own drowning career (basically use her for self gain).Kangana, generous as she is, thought it was genuine interest and friendship. But after what happened to HR, Ranbir has realized he has to tread carefully with Kangana coz she can't be played, she will blow the whistle. KR has all the Bollywood heroes on high alert.

He is pathetic playing round with girls and cheating and dumping one by one sonam deepika katrina and all of these ladies after broke up attacked him in interviewes in the begining ,,, Rk not clean from inside I hate such playfull character

In Koffee With Karan, karan said he gets all his gossip from Ranbir and Kareena. Ranbir should not get upset about rumours about him. The only difference is gossip about him is in public and he gossip about everyone is private !


Because it's a misogynistic society!!

Ha ha ha ha ha finally Ranbir is awake . KAngy has terrified entire industry. Ha ha ha problem is not just affair rumours tomorrow KAngy might claim we are married and all women activists, old actresses with their sob stories, some sixty plus good for nothing column writers will come after RK. The kind of reputation he has people will believe that too! KHaya PIYA KUCH NAHI GLASS TODA BARA ANA!!

Ranbir rarely reacts to the myriad stories that are written about him. He must be really irked if he is reacting to this one. There are reports that mention he has been receiving "friendly" messages from the actress. All too familiar tricks that we have read about before. He must have mentioned it to someone close and hence he has a hunch as to who must be leaking this story. There have been blinds indicating this too. There is always some truth to blinds and recurring reports like these. The media adds unnecessary masala details..but no smoke without fire.

This lady is using her old tricks! Remember how Adhyayan mentioned she was being over-friendly with Hrithik while still dating Adhyayan? She's doing the same with Ranbir. RK was a tad rattled by Kangana’s friendly messages and/or mails to him, which had actually begun even before he parted ways with Katrina Kaif. He is okay now, but he did have a chat about this with his close friends. The messages were plain friendly. This is how this woman starts and slowly lays her trap!!!

Read this "They may have had long conversations in the past, but sources from B-Town say that Ranbir Kapoor is definitely not comfortable having Kangana Ranaut as his friend. Maybe Kangana has shot off a bit too many friendly messages to Ranbir, which has slightly irked the Tamasha actor."


Ranbir himself spread rumours to be in news he is addicted to gossip for bad reason

Rubbish. Kangana will do anything to be in the news. I can't believe she has so many fans!

I dont wanna be rude,but he wouldn't be that bad taste . Ranbir dating kangana,you are kidding Me .

I dont wanna be rude,but he wouldn't be that bad taste .

Few years ago Ranbir used to deny his link ups with Katrina too. Then they did live in. Same here

DP's Fans and Salman's fan are same! Ignorant to the core.

He used to get upset with people linking him to Kat and that actually was true. Can't believe u man

Bollywoodlife released an article which probably is from KR team. It vehemently denies an affair while asserting that they are constantly in touch with messages and admire each other's talent.The article takes care to make sure the point of their closeness is well canvassed. So, old story new target. She is harassing him with messages and he is uncomfortable.


It's pretty obvious that someone is going out of their way to talk crap about Kangana. Seriously, all these stories are released thru PR to get attention. Why would Ranbir go out of his way to tell the media that he doesn't like messages coming from Kangana? It makes no sense and this is OLD NEWS. He would just message Kangana and say this herself. If Ranbir didn't care enough to clear his name about the Delhi girl there were rumors about he was seeing, I highly doubt he would care about his name getting hooked up with Kangana :\

Ranbir is now flop and he needs rumour to remain in the news. He is spreading the rumour. Why Hrithik would do that?

If he needed a rumor to stay alive, he would use Katrina's name. There's no point in using Kangana's name because that's just bad news for him. It's really not going to do anything for him.


Last i heard was he was with Bharti Malhotra the Delhi girl. Such a conspiracy to ruin KR!! Only fools and horses here.

Spot boy just release some info. It appears RK is not comfortable with all the friendly msgs from Kangana and spoke to his friends about his feelings. She has been sending him friendly msg/mails since before the Kat/RK break-up. Anyways things r "cool" now and he has no issues with her msgs but he does not want to be known as her friend. Lmao. These stories sound too fimiliar, appears the stories are coming from the same source as the supposedly HR/KR story book. Someone is out for this girl, that's all I can say. She would have to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia if is releasing this info. Herself.

PV aunty we are talking about Kangana. she is psycho. She did so many things that are abhorable. Stop talking like she is a sensible woman. She is an opportunist feminist. There were reports that she was sending nude pics to a rising superstar and his girlfriend is totally miffed with it. They were Ranbir and a kat at that time. Kangana is totally spreading this rumors linking herself with son of another high profile family. She did the same.with sending nude pics and videos of herself to Hritik. Can someone please put some sense to these Ranaut sisters, Rangoli and Kangna.

RK knows it kat who is behind all this. First fake news how bebo wants them to patchup then how kat help him now this. its time rk expose kat and her pr.

kat and her over enthusiastic pr

Welcome back katrina

kattu is back

Definitely katrina. She just can't see ranbir happy.

Its jealous katrina who else to show rk in bad light. First she spread the news how he is getting close to dp and calling her to show rkdp in bad light now poor kangana . Cant pathetic kat n her PR leave other alone?

Glad he is considering retaliation to this rumor, "a strong denial". take it easy though Ranbir, you don't want to destroy relationship with your strong denials

Deepi is back

katti is back too and this is from her PR to destroy RK.

Welcome back DP

hi katrina thanks same to you. stop blaming DP for your own dirty PR. its you spread this news.

RK, get a PR else these women will get the upper hand like they always have.

Idk who is behind all this but twitter is hating kangana again with idd treads like #kanganaliesagain #ranbirand kangana and #kanganainwonderland

Of course these people are not used making sense of things they are sheep. Last i heard rather read was RK is in with Bharti Malhotra the Delhi girl. And of course people will with very little Walnut will point to KR because she is the opposition.

Ranbir is a fine actor but since he has entered the industry, all we hear is about his love life. I think it's high time he speaks up because other actresses like DP, Katrina, Kangana etc have been taking advantage of him for quite sometime now.
He needs to defend himself or else he will only be known as a Casanova and not by the work he has done. I hope he has good advisors by his side.

Kangana was supported by many women in the industry, who little more clearly, someone quietly, but expressed support , for the only "stupid ex" supported only Ashutosh Gowariker for obvious reasons (does not want their film flop)

All Jadoo stans being active here but it won't change the fact that Jadoo is finished and a cheater.

Hrithik is behind this. NOT COOL JADOO!

Definitely deepika. She just can't see ranbir happy.

Definitely katrina. She just can't see ranbir happy. she dying to get him back but he is ignoring her. Deepika is happy with her life and RS and always wish good for ranbir. its kat who cant see ranbir, salman and deepika happy. post it

Deepika is organising the US elections with her powerful PR. She doesnt have time for this

After all that HR saga, Kangana will go around spreading more "fake" affair rumors with a star like Ranbir??? SHAKING MY HEAD #Haters


Kangana GIVE up ! Now that your Rithik war is over and the Actual Queen is back you are IRRELEVANT! Stay away from Ranbir hes' better with Katrina ;)

Your comment is so so derogatory!! Queen LMAO!!

Ha i just wrote something like that.

Why call DP queen. You think you are her fan you have no idea how derogatory it is!!

I believe no actor will dare to date kangana after the whole hrithik- kangana ugly episode....

yeah so true....they wouldn't dare to....they will scared of dealing with another lawsuit or whatever ...lol

actor will dare only if he is a real man. but not stupid ex

ROFLLL yeah Adhyayan Suman, Pancholi, Ajay ...quite some REAL men she's been dating hahah

LOL))))) I meant all the "stupid ex", not only Hrithik))))) You're right, these names can not be assigned to hereby male. read my first message))))

Mmmm maybe you list the names of all the other lovers of top actresses in Bollywood? I'm afraid names so much that I can hardly remember.

Hope Ranbir will not write "I'd rather have a love affair with Pope than with any of the women," I believe in Ranbir brains


Oh Look. An RK hater here to cause trouble between RS and RK fans. Ranveer has nothing to with this. Don't drag him into this.

KR always gets linked with someone somehow. She is a soft target as she is already been pushed to the corner!! :(

Seeing Hrithik's plight even media shy Ranbir is getting careful. Kangana might start calling him also ex after sometime. and people might even believe it like they believe HR-KR affair. I mean where is Hrithik where is Kangana? Even in their movies together kangana was second fiddle who was rejected by Hrithik.

Kangana fans are suddenly like blind items are not true. LOL. This is not even a blind. It is only Kangna who thinks she benefits by getting her name associated with all these men. No actress will try to highlight another actress by associating her with RK.

This blind item? Oh well. In my memory, only obsessive fans SRK and Deepika not believe in blind items, fans Kangana indifferent that about Kangana think other people , the main thing that the fans love her for what it is,

he will end up going to police like Hr after Kangana aka all time voctim makes him a target. poor Ranbir

It can be Ranbir himself..Kangana does not need it, she is over exposed to the media these days. Only Ranbir could benefit from such things.

Alia katrina kangana or sonam. They all want rk for his name fame and money. Therefore either one or all of them are making mischief to keep others or maybe a certain someone away from him.

Lol as if Deepika wants him for anything else. Of Ranbir was not a Kapoor, nobody would even give him a second look. Strictly average!

We do not love people only for their looks .There are other things to love such as their persomality or their smile or a certain expression in their eyes or their kindness to others...I can go on and on bit I think I have made my point.

"their smile or a certain expression in their eyes" goes with looks. and "kindness to others" and "persomality" ranbir is not known for. hes known to be arrogant, rude, a player who cheats on all his girlfriends. heck, apparently he doesn't even brush his teeth!

Sooo....bitter you are !! Is thy name katrina ?

And you sound like a real bit* h !! Love you rk.

ranbir hasnt been single since he started his career. being single now may do him good instead of jumping in with the next person.

I think Ranbir and Diana Penty should do a movie together.

I think it's the twitter trend #nowranbirandkangana annoyed him.

Cant be Kangana as she needs to maintain a low profile on the other hand, RK has got more to gain from this rumour as his career is sinking...........since Kangana is currently trending,what better publicity?..................on top of that he has a history of using women to stay in the news.

So many of you guys are so unintelligent. It isn't Kangana it's obvious there is a third party involved doing it. If it was Kangana the source above would have said that it's a our because Kangana is already dragged in the situation. Therefore it is a 3rd party but Ranbir downstairs what to involve them by calling them out as it will add to a drama of another feud happening in Bollywood! PV please post!

You seem delusional. And incoherent.

its sussanne

Ranbir is the golden boy. No matter his 2 flops ppl still desperate to link up with him.

OMG!! What i didn't realise was all those comments with taking either sides are by people some how related to the industry or camps. Someone told me that yesterday and here i thought how can some people can be so so stupidly biased!! Silly me.

There were blind items linking her with either Ranbir or Ranveer. The actor in question was not serious as he's supposed to have shown Kangana's texts & snaps to his actual gal friend. It's just that Ranbir's reputation precedes him & we all chose him.Do you all remember another blind item last year linking Kangana to Aamir or Irfan sending everyone here on PV into a frenzy of gossip. Where did that story come from? And the Hrithik story ?

Yup I remember the blind item that talked about an actress sending her nude pictures to a top male actor. The girlfriend got furious on finding out about this. It was Kangana sending her pictures to Ranbir.

Point is that blind items are definitely not gospel truth. Until we actually hear a clarification or something from the stars themselves, we won't know. Apparently anyone can make up a blind, some are really far fetched and imaginative, damaging and not necessarily true.

It may not have happened the precise way the article has been written ,but most blind items do have some truth in it. Look at the amount of deadly accurate articles time has proven true - the Hrithik Susanne divorce , SRK's baby , Farhan's divorce , Arbaaz & Mallaika's divorce , Sushant's break up with Ankita ,Sonakshi dating Bunty Sachdev ,Sonakshi dated Arjun , Gauri refusing to take PC for Happy New Year etc etc . You are right in that some articles are damaging like the recent Sushmita Sen allegation which should not have come out unless someone's taking legal action against her (or whoever the article was about).

Oh, if it's Sushmita, it's damaging..? People got to know her true face because of that news..

lol to the desparate actresses and their pr. some states that Ranbir plead to someone to take him back, some says his family wants his patch up lol. Everybody take advantage of Ranbir's silence. Now Ranbir time to speak up and called out.

Everybody try to get the luck like deepika who got so much sympathy after dumped by Ranbir.

media can't stand the fact that Ranbir is single. let him alone. he is in his low phase so now other stars should stop to ruin his image. he is much better than other actors.

I love that Ranbir response to his negative pr by others. plz do it with kat and dp too.

kangana pr who else. she tried for hrithik but failed now after rk. she even used to send her nude pics to rk.

He wants to say stop him link up with any girl ...and with kat he is over.. he not wish any link up

Kangana cannot be behind this. She had enough of this drama already. It must be someone else. I guess who it could be?

Someone is really trying to bring Kangana down by using Ranbir as a bait. This paid trend on twitter was such a pathetic and lame attempt.

Last time I heard this story it was a blind or there was another article about how they bonded at Kareena's party as friends but it wasn't a good timing for either of them to want to take their friendship further. Plus the even older blind about someone - maybe Kangana - sending her nude pics to an actor - possibly Ranbir. But BIs don't exactly have a track record for being accurate and reliable. It's just gossip. There were blinds about Hrithik and Kangana dating... Whether those were true is yet to be seen. There wasn't really any news about a 'link up' between Ranbir and Kangana anyways and obviously they've rarely met each other so it's not serious news. But who could be behind the rumours?

I thought KR will take a break after HR debacle but girl is quite bold and knows that media and Public can be easily manipulated by stories . New target RK , I had predicted that months back.

The rumours of their dating and now this news also is by Kangana PR. She strikes again .Girl has successfully created a real mysterious image around her.The same image can be exploited to look like a victim when required and like a player and most desirable at other times. I don't think she was anywhere in picture in RKs life (except in those "pictures" she sent him).

“He is wondering where these rumours originated ..."

"He knows who is behind these rumours..."

So does he know or is he still wondering...?

Ranbir and Katrina are still together. If not, they'd have issued a statement. Jagga jasoos needs to be a hit. They are ready to play games for it. So far, it is working. Wake up, people!

Hahaha whoever is behind this must be enjoying this comment section below... LOL

If he issued a clarification it doesnt mean that he hasn't had his break up with katirna. Twisted Kangana fans can write any illogic. Girl you can win twenty more national awards but you ain't getting these Ranbir and Hrithik kind of men.

Who need those kind of men (whatever you mean) anyway? Believe me so-called super stars are self obsessed and would nly harm an independent woman.

if she doesn't need these men why circulate these names. this strong independent woman is a farce. Shabana AZMi and also won three national awards remember.

No you ignorant person SA won 5.

It's Kangana who is spreading such rumours but honestly are him and kat still together??Coz indirectly it even points that

Is he hints that he still with katu

OMG shidharth please stop this nonsense we all know that you have a big crush for kat

Kangana soon going to be exposed. She's seen desperate to link herself to Kareena, Rajkumar Hirani and Ranbir. Rangoli is spreading this. It was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday. Stay away Ranbir.

Hrithik is behind, saw the msg from his pr getting ranbir/Kangana to trend on Twitter. Easy to blame Kangana but it's not her

A strong likelihood that it is Ms. Ranaut herself who is behind this.

If he comes out and denies it like that it would look really bad for Kangana. She herself put this out there during her drama with Hrithik. It was mentioned as a defence that Hrtihtik was jealous and 'slyly pursuing her' when she had moved on. I don't remember the actual article but it phrased in such a way that everyone couldn't make up their mind if it was referring to Ranbir or Ranveer (well before Kat and RK split). Nobody else gained from that article but Kangana because it made her look highly desired among the young stars (RK and RS) and Hrihtk like an old ex who's bitter from her leaving.

It's grapevine, not grapewine. And what does this even mean, "Ranbir is in a state of shock over the spate of stories that have sprung out of nowhere in the last few months. He is upset that people are taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t issue clarifications." The rumors of his breakup is false then?

It's made up news to cause friction between stars.

He is pointing at Hrithik.

She is ambitious and shameless enough to go after rk so she put the rumours out there. He would be a real coup for her.

Where was he for the last few months. This rumour is going on for the last few months.

I can only guess kangana or katrina is behind it. But who really knows?

I can only guess kangana or katrina is behind it. But who really knows?

I´ve never heard of this before now.

dp hater spotted katrina is the real player she is spreading this rumours to get back rk and create a rift between his and dp friendship such a liar she is she thinks leaking jj sets videos wud bring back rk to her

Ranbir himself spread the rumor and issue a clarification. lol only in BW

Hehehe he is pointing finger at Hrithik. Everybody knows Hrithik is behind it.

This rumours from Kangana team. Very sure.

Is he pointing finger at hrithik? Boy be carefull, you messed up first will Salman and see what happened to ur career now you want to mess with hrithik too . Good luck to you.pv post it

It's not like hrithik's career is on fire... and Ranbir is any day a better actot! But ues it was stupid of him to mess with Salman!

Hrithik is behind this. He doesn't like RK because he wanted Katrina. Now he's getting back at him.

Im guessing that all Bollywood actors are probably terrified now of being linked to Kangana!

Absolutely!! Only tell the truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!!!!

I can only think of Katrina, Ranbir, Deepika, Kangana and Hrithik. Can't be the first three. There's no benefit for them unless Ranbir's ex-girlfriends are fond of matching him up with randoms. Can't be Hrithik, no benefit there either. This implies that Kangana is over Hrithik. Doesn't suit his cause. It can only be the Queen of Lies, duhhh!

I feel that Kangana herself is behind this

Oh you love Kangana why else you here!! Tut tut tut

This news is older than time itself !! You can tell Ranbir was busy, that's why he only noticed it recently. LOLL !

HR was flirting with her and when he came to know she is trying RK too he realised what a player she really is. It put him off and the whole story of stalking , sly remarks to media , blinds etc followed pushing HR finally to issue her a warning.

Kangana herself is behind this trying to make a story that HR broke up with her because RK was taking interest in her.

i think DP is behind...to create rift between Kat n Ranbir

u obsessed kat fans stop blaming DP every-time.She is lot more work to do rather than to think about liar user kat. DP didnt create any rift between rk and kat but kat did created a rift between rkdp and broke them a part. infact kat creates a rift between rk and salman as well. shame on u kat post it kat pr

too easy to blame HR PR, doubt their dumb enough to do this since it would be way to obvious that he would be blamed first

It's such an old rumour. Byt why rk woke up so late and clear the rumour now. Something fishy. Hmmm.

HR Coz he had an affair with kat

Hrithik is behind this. He's crazy!

Hridick is behind this!

Ok but why they chose Ranbir why not another actor ? I think this rumor is true

Hirthik behind it

So he is not with her now?

It can be either kangana pr(to keep her in news as Rangoon is not releasing this year) or hritik pr (mohenjadaro first look came)

Deepika?? Really?? I'm shocked

She has nothing to gain from this but keep trying hater

this was spread like a month ago and no one is talking about it now,so why this is suddenly an issue

Kangana and Ranbir were trending on Twitter the other day. What was odd was the trend debuted at #1, and all the tweets were posted by fake virus accounts/bots and bashing Kangana. Sounds like a paid trend by HR to me to further tarnish Kangana's image. People need to wake up. There is a reason why the industry is out and out supporting Hrithik (which one would expect since he's a star kid and a male). It's because they all know he is 200% wrong in this case and feel bad for Kangana. PV post this.

Well i didn't know they were being linked!! Not in planet BW.

Come on RK give us the truth.

I think HR behind this

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