This Cover Medley of Gerua and Kabira Will Melt Your Heart!

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Stop whatever it is that you are doing and get ready to get transported to another universe! 
Bryden Lewis and Parth Chandiramani a.k.a Bryden-Parth have gifted us a cover medley which will be on constant repeat on everyone's playlist!
It features The Choral Riff and they harmoniously croon to the tunes of Gerua from Dilwale and Kabira from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani!
Get ready to be overcome with a lot of feels when you listen to this track! You can thank us later!

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Beautifully done, great job by this group. Can't wait for many more medleys to come.

Beautiful people with beautiful voices and so much talent we don't get to see or hear! Quite sad that we are stuck with Industry kids who are either one-trick ponies or mediocre talent hogging the limelight for abs, borrowed clothes and their love life.

effin luv kabira...what an awesome song..

Although movie didnt do well, am glad Gerua is proving to be so big, already crossed 100 million on Youtube!

That Flute!!!!!! awesome!!

Superb in every way. I love how they chose 2 wonderful songs with soulful music and lyrics that make sense. They did a wonderful job with the medley. I appreciate how they all are decently dressed and are doing justice to the raagas and surs. I always feel that there is so much talent out there and specially in todays internet age people have such a huge canvas to bring it forward. Only if nepotism stops in bollywood, we can see so much more great talent and better stories, films, lyrics, music and performances. Instead of all the fake praising for filmy kids and crazy fans watching meaningless films, let us join hands in encouraging real talent without looking at what income group they come from and what skin color they have. There is so much conspiracy in selecting talent in sports field, art field and every other field in our country and that is the reason fake sports selections don't let us win a single Olympic medal in spite of having the second largest population. Film stories are copied a lot and performances are pathetic in most films. Music has almost lost its charm as people are crooning to drug and alcohol lyric songs than real music. There is so much recommendation in every field, it is sad. Coming back to this medley, once again I applaud them.

I wish Geruha was sung by Sonu Nigam instead of would have been at different level itself.

It would have been a generic song

Just wow! Mind blogging fan freaking tastik!

Beautiful !

Oh My!!!! This group is just awesome!!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement