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Rangoon Music Review: Vishal Bhardwaj, Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan give the jukebox a Victorian era feel!

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Set in the backdrop of 1940, Rangoon stars Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. The film has already gained a lot of attention because of Shahid and Saif coming into a single frame for the first time. As the film is set in the pre-independence era, the music should also give that old school feel with a modern touch. 
The filmmakers, today, released the whole jukebox and here's our music review:
Bloody Hell
The album's first song Bloody Hell will make you realize that it's from the pre-medievial era. Music director Vishal Bhardwaj (who has also helmed the film) has experimented and the track will not disappoint you at all. But, wait, as it's written by Gulzar, you'll take some time to sink it in. As soon as the song progresses, it'll surely get on your head and you'll develop the taste of it. 
"I the walking (walk walk walk), He the talking (talk talk talk)... Arre round round, haan round round, Main chakkar kha gayi tezi mein, No no sorry sorry karte karte, Ishq kiya angrezi mein." 
Talking about the arrangement of instruments, you'll have a buffet. From guitar strings to saxophone to keyboard, the song will make you dance to its tunes. Rest, Sunidhi Chauhan's seductive voice does the magic!
Yeh Ishq Hai
The song starts with soft guitar riffs and you know this song will be one of the romantic tracks of the film. Yeh Ishq Hai will give you the sufi vibes and from starting to the end, you would be hooked on it. If you're in love with someone, you would want to travel with that special one to a romantic place and just listen to this number all the while. Passion, love and sensuality are the words which define the song well. Interestingly, you'll get to hear the fusion of flute and santoor and that'll make you go places. By now, we are left with no words to praise Arijit Singh as his vocals just compliment the song well. 
Mere Miyan Gaye England
Mere Miyan Gaye England will remind you of the song Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon, but with a twist! From Adolf Hitler to Winston Churchill, the track surely makes you feel that you have gone back to the golden old days. The lyrics will tickle your funny bone, all credits to Gulzar. Rekha Bhardwaj's vocals adds that masaledar touch. 
Hitler chauke na,
Churchill chauke na!
Sukhwinder Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sunidhi Chauhan and O.S. Arun - it's a deadly combo for the song, Tippa and they do wonders. Tippa continues the same feel of Mere Miyan Gaye England. The intelligent use of water dropping and chugging train gives it more of that pre-independence feel. If you're the one who has a third eye for creativity, you might feel that the song is fit for the soldiers doing a party at their camp. The violin section does it all and then you have trumpet, drums, opera music and what not. Hats off to Vishal Bhardwaj!
Ek Dooni Do
Just close your eyes and imagine a black and white film! Ek Dooni Do is one such number but with a modern touch. The song has both salsa and tango feel to it. Rekha Bhardwaj's voice is just fit for the song. What's interesting in the track is the foot-tapping section and then how the song transcends to a romantic beat and then uplifts its tempo again. Well, not to forget that it's written by Gulzar and if you've an ear for music, you'll love it. 
The transition from light-hearted music to dark and intense flavour to the song, Alvida is nothing but just kaabil-e-tarif. The setting of the instrument like Clarinet makes it even more dark and you know this song in the film will bring major revelations along with it. What's more appealing is that this shift doesn't disturb you at all and you flow with the track, thanks to the melodious voice of Arijit Singh. The number has shades of sadness and happiness and you'll be stunned by how Arijit modulates from a high to a low tone. Alvida has the power of leaving you teary-eyed!
Just like Alizeh in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, we have a character based song in Rangoon and that's on Julia played by Kangana Ranaut in the film. By the lyrics, you'll be sure that she plays a strong role in the film - kabhi zid pe aayi toh atak atak gayi! Vishal has given his voice to the number along with Sukhwinder Singh, K.K. and Kunal Ganjawalla. But with such a track there is one loophole that after you come out of the theatres, they lose their charm.
Chori Chori
Rekha Bhardwaj is back with Chori Chori. The song starts with notes of Bee Harmonica and then you have guitar riffs and it's refreshing. Remember those Victorian era songs, where the whole lot is dancing and clapping to the tunes? Well, that's Chori Chori for you. 
Yeh Ishq Hai (Female Version)
Now, we have the female version of Yeh Ishq Hai by Rekha Bhardwaj. This version is little darker than the original one with a desi touch. You'll listen to harmonium, tabla and santoor and it's magical. 
Rangoon Theme
The theme song is finally here and how it starts with that low notes of guitar and harmonica will make you fall for the song instantly. It's an instrumental song and you would also hear the trumpet and bass strings. It's a small track but with a larger impact. 
Be Still
Sung by Dominique Cerejo, Be Still is a romantic number with a dash of salsa to it. The lyrics are penned by Lekha Washington and it sounds like one of those typical French ballads. You'll imagine your guy wearing Latin dance wear and you're in your gown and the setting is of a ballroom - that's the magic of Be Still. 
Shimmy Shake
By this song, we come to an end of the jukebox and it's a fun number. Remember The Wiggles' The Shimmy Shake? The song gives you the same feel! Just do some freestyle dance moves and your party will be fun. 
Verdict: Vishal Bhardwaj has employed his master ploy of perfect singers and arrangement of instruments in Shahid, Saif and Kangana's Rangoon perfectly. One advice to all the listeners is that it would take a little extra effort and time for the music to sink in, but ultimately it won't disappoint you. 
We give it 75 out of 100 on Pinkvilla meter!

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This film isn't looking so good

bakwas song..faltu actor and a mentally retarded women. not work for me

Arman Malik should've replaced Arijit Singh. I would tell anyone that Arijit is a cup of coffee to my aching heart, but Kya samjahoon dil hai ke mantha nahin sung by Arijit Singh. Picturized on Shahid/Kareena. Music videos would relieve some pain out of a broken heart or glass.

Shahid Kapoor and T-Series journey is a milestone. At least for now, I relive the golden days. It'll soon all be over if Arijit Singh didn't cast the spell on every song. I can't listen to his voice not because I like him it's because the audience went OCD mama.

Beautiful music and no doubt a great film.


THe music is lovely and unique. it does represent the era
Sorry but 1940s was not the victorian era!!!!
there was a king on the throne. George VI.

THe music is lovely and unique. it does represent the era
Sorry but 1940s was not the victorian era!!!!
there was a king on the throne. George VI.

The soundtrack doesn't resemble Victorian Era music at all. Some hints of the late Edwardian era can be found. Mostly it is resembles the late 30s early 40s kind of music. Wonderful music nonetheless.

Wonderful compositions!! They are true to the era. Vishal has given people something unique through commercial cinema. Hope it gets the recognition it deserves. Applause for Vishal, Gulzarji, Sunidhi, Rekha, Sukhwinder, Arijit and the other singers.

Uff amazing

So so different every single song. Julia is giving me Phantom of the Opera vibe.

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