Akshay Kumar: PadMan is postponed because stakes on Padmaavat are much higher

After a lot of wait and even more controversies, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat is finally hitting the screens on January 25. Just a while came the news that Akshay Kumar has pushed PadMan's release date to February 9th. Kumar held a press conference today wherein he stated the reason for doing so.
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After a lot of waits and even more controversies, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat is finally hitting the screens on January 25. Just a while came the news that Akshay Kumar has pushed PadMan's release date to February 9th. Kumar held a press conference today wherein he stated the reason for doing so. 

Akshay said, "It's confirmed that the film will release on February 9th. See there's no point because more than mine the wait is theirs. It's essential for Padmaavat to release on that day. I can understand. We both can release on the same day but there's no point. Their stake is much higher than mine. So I can wait." 

Akshay had earlier said, "I am already victorious with millions and millions of people talking about Padman on social media, men discussing with other men and asking each other whether they watched the Padman trailer and that it talks about sanitary pads. I am glad they are talking, they should know." 

He added, "Firstly, do not call it a sensitive issue. It (menstruation) is a natural process of a human body. It is time to get rid of those taboos attached to it and it is time to treat the issue maturely. Also, women should not shy away from talking about the issue and certainly should not whisper about it."

Akshay said that India is mocked for its backward ideas about women’s hygiene. "Women told me that they used mud, burnt ash and dirty cloth to manage bleeding. It was shocking, it was horrifying. I met some foreigners and they laughed at us wondering we didn’t know what a sanitary pad was. Padman is an important film for our country. Nobody has ever made a film on this issue. Even in documentaries that I saw, sanitary pads are always hidden," he said.

What do you have to say about it?


I say bullshit. Akshay may not be educated but he is streetsmart. He knows the deals of business and he knows how to market himself as a Mahaan person cos his fans are suckers for such emotional things.

yeah... one more way to portray himself as a messiah.......

We all need to learn so much from this great person named Askhay. As for SLB, aren't he and Shah Rukh KHan the same person who washed dirty-linen in public, humiliating each other's movie and fighting to release both their mega budget movies Saawariya vs Om Shanti Om, later Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale??? Now the same guy is asking other actor a favour to postpone his pre-released movie for his own sake! what a selfish guy SLB.

In all of this, I just feel bad for Aiyaary. I hope it does super well on Feb 9th

It is always the morally corrupt men who portray to be feminist! I have enjoyed the change in his films but the way he and his so-called feminist wife handle the conflict with Ms Dua on a comedy show goes on to show his entitlement and misogynistic privilege. He did not address his mistake and did not offer her an apology! They are hypocrites trying to ride the wave!

It helps both of them, not just bhansali. Padman wouldn't have done as well as it will the friday after Padmavati releases. Aiyaari is a much, much smaller and less talked about film than Padmavati. Padman will easily make more money than it.

It's a nice gesture, but it's also a smart business move,

Akshay is nice and all...but I think he just want solo release that's it...and I think salman and aamir can be nice too...though salman is more secure than aamir...

Thats so nice of Akshay...both movies would have been impacted but we should applaud him for moving his movie.

Makes sense changing the dates which would undoubtedly eat into each other's business . Akshay did ask Padmavati to change their dates , but the makers pointed out their extreme difficulty in releasing the movie at all after such a humongous budget . Padman is made on a small budget , sounds interesting & should do well whenever it releases .

I think their film would have scored despite Padmaavat. Good call to move it out of respect.

He is smart as he thinks that some might create havoc and that might affect his film too.

Oh oh what a sad day for BW...a genuine relevant movie makes way for money business

Kudos to Akshay.. ..its a rare thing to see this in Bollywood

Good on him for being honest

Good joke. Akshay and Sonam knew their film will not stand a chance against a magnum opus Padmaavat. SO here they are trying to give lame excuses and show that they are caring

Lets do some math........a film made with a humongous 150 crore budget that has been facing intense backlash and its uncertain if in some states masses can have access to safely viewing the film vs. a film made with half its budget which is based on the life of a common man fighting for health issues and access to safe products for woman during menstruation. One film has been controversial since inception while the other is being appreciated for addressing a social taboo. Both have recovered nearly the same money from selling music and streaming rights so which one will recover money easily and which one can cause irrevocable damage to theater owners?? Answer that question and lets see if Akshay and Sonam, who is being called a guest star by certain fandom really have anything to loose here, shall we?? Lets also not forget that SLB himself held a press conference detailing how the conversation went.
But, sweetie.......whatever floats your boat.

I partially agree with you but we still should appreciate Akshay. The egoistic Khans would never do this to help their fellow colleagues. Only Hrithik, Akshay, Ranveer, Bachchan sort of humans helps their colleagues

Is that Hrithik moved Kaabil? Padman has no chance against Padmavati (i am looking forward to Padman btw) and that is the reason. Padman is still clashing with the Siddarth Malhotra movie on the revised date now.

They move when the other movie has more hype. Its that simple.


Fantastic logic.. Is that why SLB came for the press conference

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