Dhadak title track: Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter's song perfectly sums up the feeling of new love

Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor's chemistry in their upcoming film, Dhadak, has become the talking point. The filmmakers have now released the first track - Dhadak.
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Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor's chemistry in their upcoming film, Dhadak, has become the talking point. The trailer created the right buzz for the film and now, the filmmakers have released the first track - Dhadak. From picturization to the vocals, everything will just make you fall in love with the song. 
Ajay Gogavale and Shreya Ghoshal have put their souls out for their song. In the video, you get to see how two people are falling in love. The song's lyrics will touch your heart as they have written in a beautiful way. If you are a music buff, you would love the musical placement and instruments like piano, acoustic guitar, keyboard and violin just make it a perfectly blend. 
Ishaan and Janhvi have gotten into the skin of their characters and if you are in the initial stages of your love story, well then this song is perfect for you. Just take your special on a romantic dinner and play this song (and your work is done). You can play the song on loop and one suggestion, plug in your earphones for a true musical experience. 
Watch the song here: 
Talking about the song, music director Ajay said, “When we first heard the narration of Sairat, we knew that it was going to be an epic love story. So, while composing the music of the film that thought remained at the core. Dhadak Hai Na is a completely new composition, but it was made with the same thought of creating something epic. Like Sairat, the music of Dhadak has the quality of being cinematic and dramatic. It’s made on an international soundscape and when listeners hear the theme song, I think they will feel the depth and the scale of composition.”
Dhadak will be released on July 20 this year.


wait why is ashutush rana so famous? can people tell me what kinda famous/good work he's done? i only remember him from the dulhania series!

The one that stands out to me the most is Dushman, starring Kajol and Sanjay Dutt. I remember watching it as a little kid and I was terrified of him! Also Tamanna starring Pooja Bhatt, amazing performance!

She seems quite natural in front of the camera. I love her voice, its not annoying and screechy like Alia!

Ajay + Shriya > Magical voice.. Beautiful.. What music, it looks like Ajay and Atul are on the roll, music is going to be hit just ike Sairaat..

Absolutely stunning song. Its romantic and haunting at the same time! Loving the two newbies as well. They have lovely chemistry

Beautiful song. Ishaan is the best thing to hit our screens since Ranveer. He's got all the makings of being a phenomenal actor. Jhanvi has some potential too. If she works on her craft she could do well.

Ranveer is overactive, ishaan is more natural and knows how to get to the feelings

I agree! Ishan is much more natural. I just meant from a Bollywood debut perspective. Ranveer was a revelation in BBB. Ishan is the same. Hard to believe it's his second film.

I can't stand this ishaan...

The song and lyrics are so beautiful! I love this line “Jo mere dil ko dil banati hai, tere naam ki wohi dhadak hai na” so beautiful!

Janhvi’s acting is playing hidenseek, at some moments she is awesome and some moments she is not expressive. she played it very subtle and I don’t think this character requires subtle, she can go beyond as the character is of rich confident girl.

You hit the nail on the head! I have been wondering what i don't like about her character and that is it!! Too subdued, too stiff and that facial surgery and botox is offputting.

I can see Jogwa music"Jeev Dangla Rangala" feels here.. Ajay and Atul are so talented.. Anyone who understands marathi here please listen to Jagwa music, specially Jeev Dangla Rangla song.. You will know how talented these two guys are. Really God gifted..

uff, jeev rangla was amazing! hariharan, ajay-atul and shreya deservedly won national awards for it.

Absolutely, there's something about this song, so sensuous and at the the same time, something that softly touches the soul. and the meaning, wow.. Absolutely amazing. I just can not get enough of it..Superbly sung by Hariharan and Shreya ghosal. I truly feel Ajay Atul are on another level, all their movies, music is incredible, they are extremely talented, coming from a very humble background, I get amazed when I listen to their music, its amazing how they come up with these incredible tracks one after another. Have you seen the music composition that did in LA? if not, you should listen to it, it is out of the world, its when they were created music for Sairaat.

Ajay & Atul pair is god given. Ajay’s voice takes me to other world altogether.. WOW just WOW...

Wow, WOw, what a song, Ajay you are amazing, I am totally speechless with Ajay and Atul, how they do this in every single movie of theirs.. You guys are amazing.. This movie is going to be super hit for sure, look at the scenery, music now if they have acting and story on track they will surely make it. Janhvi looks adorable, she has the sweetness in her, some shots she looks so much like Sri, cute gal, and Ishaan looks amazing, in terms of acting he is way ahead, he has that raw simple guy look. He nailed it, I believe with Ashutosh rana this movie is going to be a HIT for sure. Story and direction is important, even if Janhvi is little less iin terms of acting still it will make it.. This whole song and scenery gives me a feeling of Quayamat se Qayamat tak. Juhi and Aamir first movie.. Whatever it is, at least this song is beautiful.. Great job..

Beautiful song. Ishan and Janhvi are very expressive. I love their chemistry. It’s tooooooo cute. :)

Lovely composition and vocals. Ishaan has been the surprise factor for me in entire Dhadak. He fits so seamlessly into his part and his acting skills are very impressive for a beginner. Janhvi on other hand is just glossy and made up.
"Puppy... Yaane kutte ka bachcha?" - that sing- song dialog delivery is soooo cringeworthy.

Jhanvi looks good on screen, her mom's looks in her at some angles I feel actually adds to her charm. She has a certain innocence that is becoming and her eyes seem ready to drop huge tears. Feel she will do really well in emotional type movies with a challenging character role. Ishaan seems to be trying too hard at first impression, have to wait and see more of him on screen.

LOVE IT! Ajay Gogavale's vocals are pitch perfect. Wonderful melody too. I kinda wish they'd picked someone else instead of Shreya tho. First off, her high-pitched voice does not suit Jhanvi (who has a lower pitched, bass-y voice) and second it occasionally feels like Shreya' trying too hard/overpowering the male vocals. But otherwise it's a lovely tune and Ajay has nailed the higher notes.

Ashutosh rana sends chills down my spine. He is perfect choice for this movie.

Ishan kakkar looks like he has never taken a shower. And my god, can anyone be any shorter?

its okayish..

Blockbuster written allover it. People are going to love it.

I am going to watch this movie for Ashutosh Rana, for sure! After so long!!
Ishan IS a good actor and he reminds me so much of an energetic Ranveer of Ram Leela days & a young innocent Shahid from Ishq Vishq / Fiza days.

Such a boring song.

Both of them were so dull compared to the beautiful locations!! Jhanvi physically cannot emote any expressions due to her many facial plastic surgeries! She’s so expressionless that she reminded me of a pillar in the Rajasthani palaces! Something is not fresh about this movie ...

Yes....the film doesn't have a fresh, small town feel. It is like the NRI KJo world is clashing with the Sairat small town world.

Janhvi has great screen presence that Alia lacks hope she improves her acting .

It’s gonna be a great movie. I know it!

I have watched trailer almost 10 times but not this song, its way too slow and no energy in the song

Looks like watching Raanjhanaa again

The trailer had a similar touch too. I know the story is completely different, but the cinematography and the way scenes have been directed are very similar to Raajhanaa.

Definitely watching this movie for ishaan and jahnvi

At 2.58 she looks like sridevi in Chandini.

this is a nice song, but they should have started off with zingaat... nothing like that rhythm and im sure janhvi and ishaan are great dancers (look at sridevi and shahid), so it will be a treat for the eyes.

Beautiful song , especially the beginning .

Love both of them.. was waiting for this song to relaease since the trailer came out. Janhvi is looking so good and yes Sridevi ji noticed it correctly, the mascara does look smudged.

Indian movies look so beautiful..they use their colours so well...such happy songs and dancing...Love from Russia...we love Bollywood!!

Can’t wait for Ziingat zing zing zing zing ziingat

Captured glorious Rajasthan so well..gorgeous bandhani costumes!!!

Beautiful song. I am starting to like Jahnvi


normally not a fan of slow songs but damn, this is so good!

i like the glossiness a lot tbh
the landscape is beauty and both the actors are young, beautiful too... the song just cushions all of that so well!


NO Big No, Both of them are superb but song is too slow, no chillarpan in this song.

2.03 typical sridevi expression.

My exact thought when I saw that.. Reminded me so much of sridevi:(

I did like it, it’s way more classy

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