Kangana Ranaut on repeatedly being asked about Hrithik Roshan: Don't you get tired of asking the same thing?

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan controversy has been one of the biggest in the whole of Bollywood and while it is now a thing of the past, that's where the actress wants to leave it behind.
Kangana Ranaut on Hrithik Roshan avoiding the media: The world has moved far ahead, move on in life
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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut controversy seems to be one never-ending saga. What started with loads of allegations and mudslinging, continues to be brought out in the media from time to time for various reasons. Most recently, with Hrithik's Super 30 and Kangana's Judgementall Hai Kya having gotten the same release date, the former made sure to change it and preponed it earlier with the movie now releasing on July 12, 2019.

While all that's happening and Hrithik is trying to stay away from any further controversy, looks like Kangana is past everything too. However, one question that has been going in the minds of many is the fact that HR has been avoiding media questions during the promotions. And when Kangana was asked about the same, the actress went on to say, "Tumlog pakte nahi ho kya ek hi baat se? Duniya kaha se kaha pohoch gayi, aage badho life me. (Don't you get tired of the same thing? The world has progressed, move on in life." Well, looks like she is past it at least.

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Now, as far as work is concerned, Hrithik has kickstarted the promotions of his upcoming film and with the trailer and songs from the movie out, the movie has been receiving a warm welcome and the fans are waiting for it to hit the screens. Meanwhile, Kangana and Rajkummar Rao's film has received a new title with minor changes and a U/A certification.


She is 36 yrs but goes on to age shame everyone. She called Ranbir as Uncle and he is her same age. Then, that makes her Aunty too

She never thinks abt age while stalking them but remembers their age only when they reject her advances. Such a hypocrite

unless you’re a complete idiot, it’s clear she’s digging it up for attention. She’s clearly not bored of harassing him and others

Kangana and Rangoli have long become the objects of ridicule.

But I'm happy with one outcome that resulted from their recent shenanigans :-
Kangana's real age revealed and she is 36. Thanks to Mumbai Police. Ha ha!!

This Hrithik Stan’s Or Spice bots are delusional. Kangana is very relevant and read the darn article Nah, she is tired of the media asking her baseless and useless questions. Super30 is struggling to create buzz right now, go find a way to promote that Nah.

Ask "queen" to promote 1 film without draggin names of others and then bark. She dragged even Karni Sena for no reason during her last epic dud lol

They only get media to ask questions on Hritik so that they can say oh i dont want to talk about him. Liars.

HAHAHA A big LOL to her PR and fans who calls her a Queen and a no 1 actress. No one including media is interested in her and her work. They only ask her about the superstars and successful people to get juicy headlines.

Toxic woman n her Sick PR

Media shud ask her to name the guy she claimed to be dating during her last 2 film promotions. Why not asking her this basic question? Is it bcoz it is out of script or is it bcoz even u know she is cooking up lies

Clown is back with her circus

Hrithik should start a new life. Find a soulmate

The official psychopath of bollywood

so much hate for kangana ! you go girl !never bow to this society who will pity u if u act weak and bully u when u show strength

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Can she tell the same thing to her own sister too?

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First ask your obnoxious sister to move ahead

Even Anaya pandey said I have a crush on Hrithik and I am obsessed with him

Kejriwal:Modi Modi Modi
Kangana: Hrithik Hrithik Hrithik

Both ignore these attention seekers like a plague ROFL

Did u deliberately crop out Vivek's pic to send a wrong message? Shame on u

Vivek simply is not there.

Vivek was there. Media edited him out. In some pictures , his hand is visible . The video is still available if you search for Krisshh promotions. In that video, Hrithik is speaking to audience, Kangna speaking to Vivek, later for photo session, HR seen making suggestion to Kangna and Vivek. Then Kangna laughs out and happily let Hrithik and Vivek hold hands

This pic has been seen before. Vivek was there on her left side holding her arm. Both he and her were laughing loudly. While HR was tolerating both of them for his film promotions

Vivek was there holding her other hand. This was promotions for Krish 3

This 36 yrs old Buddi shud start acting her age.

Ekta shud ask Rajkumar Rao to promote her film if she wants it to succeed bcoz nobody is interested to watch this ugly personality for 3 straight hours

Not true. I’m very interested to watch

Imagine being that useless that u hv to constantly take names of others even to get attention for your film. Her PR gimmicks are so predictable

That is the general rule. Ranbir Kapoor is linked to his costars, Deepika to either her husband or her ex.

Deepika does not need anybody to stay relevant. She is making waves world over and far bigger name than any of the guys.

Even Taapsee and Kriti can promote films on their own names and make them Hits. And the people u are talking about acting a Lead pair in Hit films. While this woman was just some background actress in HR films. Not even the lead! On top of that, she has been publicly called out for stalking and harassment. Even a dog would hv got the simple message by now to back off. No means No

Hrithik has already moved on. He stated clearly that he doesn't want a media tamasha.

kangana...I bet you sisters can't live without taking his name and thrive on controverses.

Hrithik delusional fans the moment they see Kangana in the picture they start with their motor mouth without even reading the article lol don’t blame them low IQ guys .. she has clearly said she has moved on but media needs some gossip

She always says "she has moved on" but cannot stop stalking or barking. Cannot blame her. Hrithik hai hi Greek God. Even Ananya Pandey is crushing over him

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Dear stalker fan kindly see the video of Anaya. It's there on internet. Lol he is still in demand.
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I don't even know who this Anaya chick is, except that she's her father's daughter.



Even Kartik n Tiger have a crush on Hrithik ROFL

Seriously? Comparing Kartik and Tiger to Hrithik?! Good joke.

Bcoz he is Hotter than everyone else

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Her obsession with this guy is abnormal and disturbing. If she is doing it just for publicity, it means she is evil personified

She has been saying since 2017 that she is dating some guy. Even said in March. But not a single media is interested to know who that guy is. If Deepika or Anushka do the same, media wud follow up on it big time. But, even the media knows she is lying and actually has zero interest in her fictional love life lol

She cannot stop stalking or talking about Hrithik. No self respect at all. This PR tactic is another example of it. Even media has no interest in ur fictional life anymore

Mental hai kya...
Apt title for both the RunOut sisters.

But Darling what about you? When are u going to move on???

She is a such a irrelevant person that even Media is not interested in her and more interested about Hrithik or Ranbir or Deepika or Alia to her so that they can sell something. U will never see any Big stars anything about her. Bcoz they dont need her for publicity. Even Taapsee and Kriti are more popular than her lol

Ohhhh. Really? But Kangana every release of yours has some Hritik saga

Tell your sister before she makes any comments on Hrithik.

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He hasnt started the promotions yet. So there is no question of him avoiding the media.

Kangana literally breathe and live Hrithik.

Hrithik isnt avoiding the media. He is giving interviews.

She says all these things and hides behind her sister's twitter handle to target everyone like a coward!!!

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