Not December 12, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to now get MARRIED on this date?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma will soon tie the knot, as per reports.
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Are Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma marrying or not? This is the question that fans have been asking on the social media as there is NO official confirmation and to add to their misery, new reports are cropping up at every different hour. The new shocker is that their wedding date is not December 12. According to a report in a leading channel, the two are now tying the knot on December 15. 
The report also suggested quoted a top  functionary from the Ashram of Maharaj Anant who was there with Anushka's family at the airport. He said, "Anushka was here a few days back. She came to meet guru ji. A team of three people then left the Dham on November 28 to do preparation for some functions. On December 2, baba ji flew out of Haridwar. He won’t be back here until 15th as her wedding will be in Italy on that day."
There have also been reports that a luxurious hotel has been booked in Italy where the wedding ceremony will take place before a grand reception will be held in Mumbai later in the month of December. 
Yesterday, we saw photos of Anushka Sharma leaving for Italy with her parents and brother Karnesh Sharma. She was clicked at the airport. Interestingly, Anushka Sharma’s family priest also accompanied them to Italy.
A leading news channel confirmed that Indian Captain Virat Kohli also left for Italy from Delhi last night. He reached the airport at 11:30 PM and took the 2:45 AM flight. The report also states that Virat was wearing a jacket with a hood and refused security personnel for photos.
The couple have been dating for almost four years now and will solemnize their relationship in Milan.


The comments here make my day

Guessing Italian priests can’t chant Sanskrit mantas - that’s why. Duh!

What an irony!! Her role in PK exposed babas and now in real life taking Baba everywhere !!

Why Italy? Indian weddings are so much fun...but their choice which they have all rights in the world. that could have though a sentimental value, maybe they met there for the first time, etc etc. anyways doesn't matter weddings are so much fun anywhere

Excellent. Now maybe we won't need to see Anushka's obnoxious acting.

Yea rs n dp wont last mark my word

They won't last. Mark my words.

Congratulations,I always believed they will get married to each other one day,why not if better half is like fearless virat kohli.

Too many information for a so called secret wedding

This wedding if it is really happening is turning into a tv serial

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