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SOTY 2: Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff's chemistry is evident enough in this latest track 'The Hookup Song'

Another new track 'The Hookup Song' from the film Student of the year 2 has finally been released. This groovy song showcases the chemistry between the old student Alia Bhatt and this year's fresher Tiger Shroff.
Music,alia bhatt,Tiger Shroff,SOTY 2,Student Of The Year 2SOTY 2: Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff's chemistry is evident enough in this latest track 'The Hookup Song'
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The much-awaited Bollywood film 'Student of the Year 2' will hit the theatres on May 10, this year. The trio, Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria, are busy in promoting their upcoming release. Ananya and Tara are making their debut in Bollywood with this film. SOTY 2 is a sequel of the 2012 release 'Student of the Year' featuring Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra. The trailer of SOTY 2 was released long back and two songs of the film 'The Jawaani Song' and 'Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan' have also been released. 
The makers including producer Karan Johar raised the excitement on social media as the old student Alia will be seen in a special track 'The Hookup Song' in SOTY 2. Yesterday, Alia took to her Instagram handle and announced that the song will be launched at 4 PM today. And, it is finally out! The song clearly shows the hot chemistry between Alia and Tiger. The beats can surely make you move your feet. In fact, Tiger and Alia's names have been clubbed together and they are now being called 'Talia.' 
In the song, the duo's spectacular dancing skills are evident. Producer Karan Johar took to his Instagram handle and announced that the song has been released. He wrote, "Ddop it like it's hot!! #Hookupsong out now! #Talia #SOTY2." 

Here is the video:

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This Day That Year


Alia is poor man’s version of Dp/ Kat

Someone please rename this Tiger to Monkey Shroff

What the hell is she doing here.Alia,please stick to your Udtaa punjab roles and spare us from this atrocity.Dating Rat Kapoor doesnt make you a Dp/ Kat.

RK looked so proud with Kat bcoz Kat was really desirable and hot, with this shorty he looks like he is carrying the short baggage hence always down and totally depressed. He is not proud to have to Alia but you seem to consider him as trophy.
Dating RK won't make you hot and sexy like DP or Kat.

Omg trying so hard to convince us she is not and sexy.Put katrina,kareena in that song and see how they raise the bar.that 10 year old face never Will, stop trying hard karan.

Hogwarts school in Harry Potter world looked billion times more realistic than Saint Theresa where everyone is just interested in skin show and making out. Shame on Indian audience if they dare to make this trash a hit. These delusional actors, directors and producers will only learn their hard lesson when their mediocre films flop

Alia has no choice but return favor to Karan with these cheap song and kalank movie .. clearly she is not interested and doing it as favor

Alia trying to recreate Veere do wedding Taarifan

I like Alia. But this item song , her role in Kalank etc are a desperate attempt to make her a mesmerizing superstar like DP. An attempt to give her larger than life image by giving her period movies , sexy songs, movie with salman, SLB , Rajamouli basically every stunt to be tried. That’s ewww. She is loved for what she can do with common characters , girl next door roles in Very realistic believable stories. Suddenly decking her up in period costumes , making her dance a fake Kathak and now a fake item song. Kjo seems to want to grab the top spot quickly when DP has just married and isn’t doing any big movie. It seems Possible to nudge her out and claim the top spot. His engine is overworking and I am getting tired of her avatars.

Karan, we know you religiously read all comments.. So take a cue and chuck that mouse.. make the breakup happen. Hopefully your films will start doing well then.

This song is one of the worst I have ever seen. Tiger is annoying and no matter how hard Kjo and Alia try , Alia can never be sexy. Wearing tiny clothes and dancing around a strip pole is not sexy. Sridevi and Madhuri looked hot in sarees. Alia should just stick to acting and forget about being a sex symbol.

Alia trying to look hot and failing big time. She doesn't have the looks, body or even body language to pull off such a song. Kriti Sanon could have done a better job.

Watching alia slide down that pole is enough to turn me off from her in any dance number forever, so much cringe.

Alia looks cute and beautiful here but the kid vibes don't go away for some reason.
Shraddha did an amaazing job in Dance Basanti in contrast.

This was the best and only good song in the film. I thought it is given to Tara sutaria as it is used in her intro in trailor but snakejo again ate the chance of an outsider and gave it to shameless alia.

Alia tried to fit in Deepika's shoes with kalank and she failed. Here she tried to fit in the shoes of Katrina and again she failed. If only Kjo paid Deepika the fees she deserves that is 4 times of alia then she would have done kalank, nailed her role, got beautiful praises and made the film atleast recover its budget. This song would have been a huge hit and become the party track of the year if it was having Katrina. Both kat and tiger are excellent dancers. But Kjo believes alia can outshine everyone and look today she has become a button of jonesand hate. Dating ranbir won't turn alia in kat or deepika

They should have got someone with a hot bod to do this song but maybe Karan is scared of spending too much money as this might be a flop too. So he got his puppet to do it for free.

She is either copying Deepika or Kareena. She looks like a kid trying to be sexy. So boring and bland.

oh god, from the beginning entire thing is horrible, everything looks forced. alia can never dance like kat or jaq, even dp can dance better with no expressions

Sid and Varun would have killed it! But no....KJo has to have Alia in everything! Trying really hard :-(

NOT an Alia fan, but she was really good in this song. Actually she caught my eyeballs more than Tiger. Lovely expressions. The dude OTOH has as many expressions as a wooden plank! When will he realize that dance is way more swag/feel than technical. If they ever act together, she will chew him alive!

Alia is cute, that’s about it. She looked like a kid sliding from a slide on the pole. She does not have looks to carry such songs, looked very funny. When you see a Deepika, jacky, Katrina you go wow but for her nothing very bland.

The song has bebo vibes in kambaqt ishq. Anyone else noticed that?

My ears are gone, such a bad song

hot alia? she doesn’t have the range and it’s ok just don’t need to force it

love alia as an actress, but for heavens sake stop trying to look're not. she looks ridiculous in those outfits and they just serve to highlight how untoned she is.

Song is not good

Song n sets r ok but alia is lukn so ordinary even in such glamourous clothes, zero swag . Its really cringeworthy when she tries to luk hot n sexy . Kat or Jacky wudve done wonders to this song .Alia is not sexy kjo , she is pretty n cute n shud stay like that ...eversince she started dating rk she has been tryn to look hot n sexy n is wearing such high heels to luk much taller than wat she is in an attempt to be on par with his previous girlfriends but failing miserably at it .

I agree, she is cute. But maybe doesn't have the body type for these clothes. As for looking sexy, she looked sexy in all the old SOTY songs, which is to say she looks sexy when she is a bit chubby.

Why o why Kjo..why didnt u get sid and varun to dance with tara?? Why this mouse alia? Below avg looks, bad dancing! Such a joke this is..another flop coming ur out kjo.

alia's legs looks so funny ...public is not dumb like these dumb kjo and his nepo kids!

Alia is not Bebo . Kareena would have killed this song. No one dances and expresses as Kareena does in club songs.

After stellar performances in Raazi and Gully Boy, Alia is back to zero with this song. The things she has to do to please Karan Johar!

Unfortunately Alia tries to be Jaqueline in modern dancing no one can come close to Jaqueline her has got elegance, steps and perfection with her sexy gorgeous look. Alia is miserably failed here. Take a break.

lol so true, she tried to be jacqueline in that pole dance lol in her dreams, she hasn't any sex appeal

Even KJo would hv looked hotter than Alia!

Karan should start being practical and accept Alia can’t and should not be in everything! The whole song is cringeworthy! A good looking model would have atleast made the song watchable...Alia neither has the oomph nor the expressions to pull off an item song

Haters are burning to see the good song and hot alia.

Katrina aunty fans posting disgusting comments and on her post saying her new song is good and people are envy, jealous and full of hatred. what an irony!


1. Song is average. Not interested n this movie at all Im afraid
2. I got older sister vibes between them for some reason
3. Here's the clincher-I'd rather watch Kalank again, than this one. Now that speaks volumes.

alia looks very average and her body is yucks!! overall MEDIOCRE

So awkward! They dont have any chemistry whatsoever. Tiger's face is off-putting. Neck down he is tolerable. Alia just cannot be sexy. She can't dance or show apt expressions either. She is trying to be a Kareena or Jacqueline but she lacks the oomph.

Jealous and insecure katrina speaking about apt expressions .hahaaha Alia does look sexy and hot.

Alia looks gorgeous here

Song is ok..Alia is not looking nice with Tiger..Disha looks perfect with him..Alia looks so ordinary..poor jerry!

FLOP. what chemistry!! Tiger dancing with 12 year old kid is hilarious.

If only Kat was in this song. Maza nahi aya. Song good, set good, clothes good. Chemistry didn't work.

IT was NEVER katrina song. Stop being so insecure.

this song is way better than the other 2 songs


I'm kinda bored of her, she's not beautiful at all, she cannot dance at all

Alia isn't exceptional in any aspect- acting,looks,dancing- but is shoved down our throats

Alia is a Zero!! Nora, Kat, Shraddha, Disha.. would do a better job

No one want to watch this ugly potato promoted by Kjo

NO one wants to watch ugly lizard kat promoted by salman.

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