'My English is bad': Jungkook's exchange with Nomzamo Mbatha wins hearts for her kind response to BTS member

Nomzamo Mbatha is gaining all the praise from BTS fans for her interaction with Jungkook during the Global Citizen Festival pre-show interview. Read here.

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Key Highlight
  • South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha gains praise from fans for comforting nervous Jungkook
  • BTS' Jungkook recently performed at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City
  • BTS' Jungkook will be releasing his digital single 3D featuring Jack Harlow on September 29

BTS' Jungkook recently performed at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. He took to the stage to perform his solo debut single Seven along with other songs like Euphoria, Dynamite, and more. Prior to his performance, he did a pre-show interview with South African actress and human rights activist Nomzamo Mbatha who is also an ambassador for Global Citizen. The behind-the-scenes clip released shows the host comforting BTS for being nervous about the interview.

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South African actress and activist Nomzamo Mbatha comforts nervous Jungkook

As soon as Jungkook arrived backstage to record his pre-show interview with the host he seemed nervous because English is not his mother tongue, unlike Korean which he can fluently speak. He shared with Nomzamo Mbatha that his 'English is bad' to which the actress replied that 'her English is also terrible'. While waiting for the interview to begin, The South African actress shared that she feels comfortable speaking Zulu because that is her mother tongue in South Africa. She kept reassuring BTS' Jungkook that the interview would go okay and everything would be fine. When Jungkook got to know it was not going to air live, the Seven's singer felt at ease. You can watch the behind the scene moments below:

Both the artists took a deep breath and shook themselves a little to calm their nerves down. When the camera started rolling, Jungkook was himself again. Watch the full interview here:


BTS' fans praised the interview host for comforting the artist

This behind-the-scenes interaction between the two is winning the hearts of BTS fans and Nomzamo Mbatha is being praised by the fandom for showing support for Jungkook. When this clip was released, fans took to the internet to share their appreciation and love for the South African actress and human rights activist Nomzamo Mbatha. Fans thanked the actress for making Jungkook feel comfortable during the interview and supporting him. This sweet interaction won our hearts too. Meanwhile, Jungkook also dropped the news towards the end of his performance about his next project which is a digital single titled 3D featuring Jack Harlow.

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