My Name: Han So Hee’s bulldozer attempt outlines a revenge tale; Is it worth a watch?

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'My Name' character poster
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“Maybe that’s what life is all about, finding someone you can lean on.” Choi Mujin (played by Park Hee Soon) mumbles in the midst of a bloodied fight as he converses with his right-hand man Jung Tae Joo (played by Lee Hak Joo) while a burning cigarette makes its way to his lips.


Han So Hee has taken this chance to very artfully flip the switch from her earlier image into a fierce contender for roles that fall onto with a thud louder than a mere punch. Taking matters into her own hands, she rises over the bullied kid of a drug dealer tag in school, Yoon Jiwoo. Dropping out, she is faced with the incident that turns her life around as her father is murdered while she watched it happen through a peephole.


With revenge on her mind, she is taken in by the Dongcheon gang who under the guise of a hotel chain circulates meth in the country. Becoming stronger is only a matter of time before she beats Do Gangjae, who wishes to rule the drug scene. Now with his ego hurt, he tries his best to make the “girl of the gang” lose and ends up getting expelled.


With a new name, Oh Hyejin makes her way to the Narcotics Unit and sabotages all their plans to catch Choi Mujin, the current leader. A new partner by his side Jeon Pildo (played by Ahn Bo Hyun) has to choose between his will to catch the criminals or trust Oh Hyejin. The police team’s own leader, Cha Giho (played by Kim Sang Ho) has vowed to take down Dongcheon.


A mess of who is telling the truth stands in front of Jiwoo who is unsure of her own name. Dog hunt strikes for double agent Oh Hyejin, which team does her father really belong to? Do Gangjae’s return and Cha Giho’s instinct present a twist worthy of its own accolade, as her new target is Choi Mujin. Can she pull a trigger, kill a man?


Though an unnecessary love arc finds its way in the midst and presents a disappointing last episode, Oh Hyejin channels her inner lioness to come out on top.

Who ruled the game?
We applaud Han So Hee’s smashing entry into the action world and hope she can take on such challenging roles in the future. However, it was outshone by Jang Yool’s acting that left us wide-eyed with sheer contempt and his own vengeance.


Should you watch it?

While the eyes of the world are on the upcoming Korean content following the unprecedented success of ‘Squid Game’, ‘My Name’ is a telltale revenge-driven story with its own shocking turn of events. A weekend binge, we’d say.


Does it need a season 2?

Honestly, it does not. What is the female lead’s real name? She can lead her own life peacefully if the ending scene is to be believed, there is no need for a deeper look into it. 


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