Na PD is back with a new variety series starring WINNER’s Song Min Ho

The show will have four different concepts. Read on to find out more!
Song Min Ho Song Min Ho | Photo Courtesy: News1
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Na Young Seok is back with a new series on Youtube called ‘Song Min Ho’s Pilot’. Song Min Ho, also known as MINO, of the boy band WINNER, will be starring in this series that has four segments. The four segments are experimental with different concepts and in the end the audience has the power to choose which one of them they want to continue to see more of. The show has already been described as an “ultra-small blockbuster”!


The famous Na Young Seok PD has produced and directed several variety shows that are loved by the audience. They include ‘New Journey to The West’, ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, ‘Three Meals a Day’ and the recently completed ‘Game Caterers’ that aired on his youtube channel called ‘Channel Fullmoon’. He is known for blending creativity and humour in his shows. WINNER’s Song Min Ho is a rapper and producer who goes by the stage name MINO. He has also pursued solo activities as an artist and is a series regular on variety shows ‘New Journey to The West’ and ‘Kang’s Kitchen’. The most recent show he is a part of is ‘Spring Camp’ where the members of New Journey to The West go camping in the spring season.


New Journey to The West is the variety show that has been the common thread between the two figures. Its concept, inspired by the Chinese novel ‘Journey to The West’, is about the cast taking up different characters and going on missions to collect mystical dragon balls. It has gained popularity over the years for the unique storylines and fresh characters. Min Ho was remarked as the “world super power celebrity” on this show. Their collaboration for ‘Song Min Ho’s Pilot’ is highly anticipated by the viewers. It premieres on tvN and the youtube channel Channel Fullmoon on June 25. 


Watch the teaser of this new variety series:



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