NCT 127 members prepare for a showdown of talents in the new ‘NCT LIFE’ teaser

Updated on Aug 16, 2021 07:03 PM IST  |  107.8K
NCT LIFE Poster; Picture Courtesy: SM Entertainment

Known to be eccentric, crazy and hilarious by their NCTzens, there is no doubt that the new season of ‘NCT LIFE’ will be just as crazy, entertaining and will leave you rolling on the floor! The teaser started with an aerial shot of Taeyong water skiing across the sea and all the members can be heard cheering for him. Soon, it cuts to Yuta and Haechan jumping in the pool and from then on, it’s just different forms of competitions and one can see their competitive nature come out through various snippets of them playing. All in all, it will definitely crack the audience up!

The 'NCT LIFE in Gapyeong' episode, which is the perfect place for a summer vacation, will be the place where the members will face a ton of challenges, which is a complete 180 from the previous seasons’ concepts. At every moment of the trip, the members will face extraordinary battles. As a result, the members expressed their burning desire to win, and also show off their perfect teamwork. Indeed, NCT 127's 'confrontation vacation' raises curiosity about what it will look like. 

'NCT LIFE in Gapyeong' will also bring about new concept missions. It will be a game parade on an all-time scale, a high-quality psychological warfare mission, and a thrilling underwater battle with high-level missions and games. 

NCT 127 member Jungwoo is known to have appeared for the first time and is already creating a lot of buzz in the community. Attention is focused on how Jung-woo, who is in charge of the 'mood maker' within the group, will bring joy to fans through the reality show. 

NCT 127 has become a million-seller with the 2nd full-length album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' and swept major domestic music and album charts, as well as recording a 10-week chart-in on the US 'Billboard 200'.

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