NCT Dream breaks records with repackaged album Hello Future; More on their radio show controversy

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NCT Dream

NCT Dream made a new record with their repackaged album ‘Hello Future’. Hanteo Chart released that ‘Hello Future’ became the first repackaged album to surpass 500,000 sales of copies on the first day of release itself. The album dropped on June 28 and sold a colossal 527,758 copies on the same day. Additionally, the repackaged version of ‘Hot Sauce’ also achieved the second-highest sales in the first week for any repackaged album in Hanteo’s history. The first position for this record is held by worldwide artists BTS whose ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ sold 869,052 copies in its first week. ‘Hello Future’ sold 681,316 copies in the first week. Though it did not surpass one million in a week like its predecessor ‘Hot Sauce’, these figures are impressive for a repackaged album.


Meanwhile, NCT Dream has recently been under fire for their alleged immature behaviour and attitude on KBS’s radio program ‘Kiss the Radio’ which is hosted by Day 6’s Young K. A lot of listeners and viewers of the show commented with criticism of how the members were being rude as they kept on talking and laughing loudly while interrupting. Fans took on to social media to analyse instances when the groups showed good or bad demeanor. Few fans were angry that the members did not respect Young K properly. One clip shows the members not bowing when Young K bowed to them. Another fan countered claiming that a few pieces of evidence like a member speaking informally with the host was intentionally edited in that way. That was just a game where the member had that task written in a chit. This has become an issue of hot topic amongst netizens and fans. 


NCT Dream has grown consistently since their debut and has topped the Hanteo chart for artists who have contributed the most in the first half of 2021. 


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