NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce crosses a million order mark in pre order sales; break their own personal record

The new album is already turning up the heat across the world! Tap to read more about it, here.
Official concept photo of NCT Dream's full length comeback album, Hot Sauce Concept photo of NCT Dream's OT7 comeback album, Hot Sauce.
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will be their first first comeback in 2021 with ‘Hot Sauce’ being a full-length album. It also marks the comeback of Mark Lee, one of the original NCT Dream members who had graduated from the group as per SM’s rotational system. 


NCTzens (their fandom) are no wonder excited for the comeback with the original group. This excitement is proof of the group breaking their own personal record! As per K-media reports, NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’ surpassed one million pre-order mark on May 2. They reported that the album recorded 1,078, 843 stock pre-orders, becoming their first album to do so. The upcoming album has 10 songs which are diverse in nature, and is sure to be a hot comeback for the seven member group. 


As of now, information on three songs has been released, with an addition of the title track today. The title track is named the same as the album and is a hip-hop song with an afro beat. It's going to talk about the various charms of the members that are strong, just like hot sauce. Other songs in the album are ‘Rainbow’, which is an R&B pop track, ‘My Youth’ which is another pop track that will talk about the members’ feelings. And ‘Be There For You’, a song that talks about the love between the members and their desire to always be there for each other. 


The album is expected to drop on May 10, 6 PM KST.


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