NCT member Mark makes his Instagram debut; Says ‘get set go’ with charming new pictures

NCT member Mark recently made his debut on social media site Instagram. Scroll down to see what the member posted as his first post on the app.
NCT member Mark makes his Instagram debut; Says ‘get set go’ with charming new pictures
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NCT member Mark just joined Instagram!  Today, Mark debuted on the social media website as “onyourm__ark” and shared his first post with the caption “get set. Go.” While the account is not yet verified with a blue tick, the account is currently being followed by NCT’s official Instagram, so we are pretty sure it’s legitimate. For the unversed, Mark is the 13th NCT member on Instagram following Jaehyun, Johnny, Ten, WinWin, YangYang, Hendery, XiaoJun, Lucas, Kun, Yuta, Jaemin, and Doyoung. 


Previously, in October 2020, NCT’s Doyoung and Jaemin joined the social media site and uploaded their first posts on their accounts, both were followed by NCT’s official Instagram right after they debuted their handles.  Doyoung posted two photos with the caption, “Great Insta restaurant open.” Jaemin uploaded two photos from NCT’s latest comeback with today’s date as the caption.


If you missed it, NCT member Jisung spoke to Allure Korea and opened up about his career and more. During the interview, the youngest NCT member revealed that he had been practising his vocals recently, and even though he’s been singing since childhood, he’s trying to focus on singing and dancing as a joint act.  Jisung continued, “No matter what kind of work it is, I think you can see a distinctive purity in those who have passion. I want to continue taking that purity with me. Even after I become an adult, I want to protect my passion.” 


Jisung also reelected on the band’s growth since their debut and talked about how they’ve gone from boys to adults, However, he added that fans still see them the same way and that’s the reason why they will be able to go for that much longer.


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