NCT’s TEN displays a lively and energising choreography for the solo track ‘Paint Me Naked’

Published on Aug 22, 2021 06:44 PM IST  |  119.6K
Stills from the video; Picture Courtesy: SM Entertainment

On August 22, NCT’s TEN released a new choreography video for the solo track ‘Paint Me Naked’. The moving version of the choreography was playful, bright and captured the essence of the song very well. This comes after the release of the MV on August 10, under SM Station. The song talks about having the freedom to choose any path in life and pursuing your true passions. Accompanied with a playful and electro-pop instrumental, the song has a bright sound which compliments TEN’s personality amazingly. 

'Paint Me Naked' is a trendy song, the performance consists of a light groove, relaxed gestures, and powerful and dynamic choreography, which is enough to meet TEN's free-spirited charm. The video starts with TEN looking at a distance, as if waiting for someone and begins making his way to conquer the world as he pleases. Various scenes such as walking on the table, occupying a life, dancing in a runaway and around hangars- all indicate his expression of freedom. TEN expresses his ways of liberation through these gestures which gives us an understanding of the times he was trapped before and is now ready to break out. 

“Heartbeat going crazy (yeah);They say we should "fall in line"; Saying we're "too young to stay in love"; They got issues with us staying in love; But-a we're just far too crazy, yeah” these lines indicate that TEN does not want to conform to society’s rules, traditions and regulations but rather do it the way he deems fit for him. The chorus lines “So tell me where you wanna take it?; I'm your figure, You could paint me naked; Like a picture, I can see our love running wild; Baby, be my weekend" indicates TEN feels the intensity of their love and wants to go crazy along with it. 

WayV’s newest sub-unit ‘TEN&YANGYANG’ just dropped their first single and it is definitely a bop! The two modern and trendy members got together and created a catchy English single that will keep you grooving all day long. TEN’s beautiful vocals and YANGYANG’s stylish rapping complimented each other well and paired with some electro bass and pop synth sounds brought about an easy listening and groovy number. 

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