NCT's Shotaro leaves netizens speechless with ‘Wake Up’

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Shotaro’s photoshoot, Photo Courtesy- SM Entertainment

Shotaro, known as a ‘dance machine’ in K-Pop, finally released solo work and NCTZENs were floored by his dance and appeal! NCT released a short clip “Wake Up” featuring Shotaro’s smooth dancing, amazing visuals and costumes. He has been popular amongst NCTZENs since  pre-debut for his dancing through Tik-Toks and old dance videos. He had even danced to NCT songs like ‘Kick It’ and ‘Cherry Bomb’, looking all the more like an NCT member!


He was a part of the new members lineup in NCT along with Sungchan during NCT2020. He debuted with NCT U’s ‘Make A Wish’, becoming an instant favorite with the fans for his graceful dancing and cute persona. He is known to resemble an otter due to his adorable smile and NCT has fully adopted that concept as he only has the otter emoji representing him during reaction videos and vlogs. 

Previously, Shotaro joined Jungwoo for a dance practice vlog and the fans were swooning over the quirky NCT friendship, which has just gotten started. Jungwoo visited Shotaro in the practice studio to learn some of his dance moves and the 13-minute 'practice' video, uploaded on Youtube, was hilarious. The clip made fans trend 'Shotaro' all over social media. The duo ended up creating a dance collab on the popular song 'Uptown Funk,' which they say they released on TikTok  and of course being in NCT had its perks- went instantly viral and currently has 2 million likes. 

Since NCT 2020 ‘Resonance’, Shotaro has not appeared in a comeback but it was announced in SM Congress 2021 that NCT 2021 is in the works and NCT U will be back with a completely new line up. Let's hope to see Shotaro on screen again!

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