Netflix releases stills for upcoming South Korean mystery thriller film The 8th Night

A fresh story of a struggle to keep "The One who must not wake up" sealed is coming on your screens on July 2.
The official poster of The 8th Night The official poster of The 8th Night, courtesy of Netflix
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With the increase in popularity of South Korean content around the world, it is not a surprise to see that Netflix is hastening to increase the Korean content available on the platform. With the beautiful reception of its recent romantic comedy Sweet & Sour, more attention is being paid to its upcoming mystery thriller The 8th Night.

On June 7, Netflix revealed the poster of The 8th Night. Words that translate (literally) to "Never open your eyes" raise a lot of question marks. Featuring Lee Sung Min staring right in front illuminated by a half-burnt candle, the poster gives off eerie vibes.

Accompanying the poster was a video teaser that will leave you squirming in your seats. The teaser trailer draws attention as it contains the struggle for the fate of those who have to keep "The One who must not wake up", hereby referred to as "it", sealed amidst the suffocating tension. In the past, "it" was divided into Black and Red entities and sealed in a Sarira (Buddhist relic) casket so that they could never meet. As mysterious deaths occur one by one, the 'it', which is about to wake up again in the world and has creepy red eyes, stimulates curiosity to the utmost. The teaser trailer begins with the innocent question, “What happens when the sarira casket is opened?” and creates a mysterious atmosphere that suggests an unpredictable development. The impending unification of the Black and Red demonic entities, which have already left a stream of bodies in their wake, raises curiosity to the maximum level. While the film’s protagonists can’t stop the demons from returning, they have eight days to stop the entities from joining forces and destroying the world.

On June 9, the five main characters of the film - Jin Soo, Ho Tae, Ae Ran, Cheong Seok and Dong Jin Played By Kim Dong Young - were introduced with stills from the movie with subtle tension regarding what is happening reflecting in their expressions.

Jin Soo (Lee Sung Min), who is destined to be the one who protects the seal, is a former monk who guides souls who could not go to the underworld.

Ho Tae, played by Park Hae Joon, is a homicide detective who investigates a case involving seven corpses found in bizarre appearance.

The still of Ae Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), a girl with a secret related to the seven stepping stones, draws attention by creating a mysterious atmosphere with her expressionless face and calm eyes.

A young monk in training Cheong Seok, played by Nam Da Reum, has been practicing silent speech for two years as a hermit deep in the mountains. At the commands of his teacher, Ha Jeong (Lee Eol), he informs Jin Soo about the fact that "it" is about to wake up and accompanies the former monk.

Kim Dong Young plays Dong Jin, a homicide detective. He helps Ho Tae, who he cherishes like his younger brother, with the investigation by providing everything from underwear to socks, and even amulets mixed with his own blood.

The 8th Night, directed by newcomer Kim Tae Hyung, is expected to be an ensemble created by actors with various charms and acting skills. It will be released worldwide through Netflix on July 2.

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