10 Years of Singham: How Ajay Devgn & Prakash Raj's cop drama was a great mix of Hindi & regional actors

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10 Years of Singham: How Ajay Devgn & Prakash Raj's cop drama was a great mix of Hindi & regional actors

It has been 10 whole years since Rohit Shetty's cop drama Singham hit the theatres and made some serious noise at the box office. Directed by Rohit Shetty, the cop drama released on 22 July in 2011 and has since then become a part of pop culture. From its blazing dialogues to over-the-top action sequences, Singham also was the first film in Shetty's cop universe that he is expanding today. 

Starring Ajay Devgn, Prakash Raj and Kajal Aggarwal among others, Singham is one of the few masala Bollywood films which saw not just Hindi actors, but regional actors in prominent roles as well. While Ajay Devgn played the lead role as Inspector Bajirao Singham - a no nonsense police officer who cannot tolerate corruption. 

Prakash Raj 

South star Prakash Raj played the lead antagonist as Jaykant Shikre and a great one at that. Even though the film received mixed reviews from critics, it was Prakash Raj's stellar performance that was hailed by the audience, critics and movie buffs. His dialogue delivery, onscreen presence and the sheer amount of craziness that Prakash Raj brought to the role was unparalleled.  

Kajal Aggarwal 

The film's female lead was South actress Kajal Aggarwal who played Singham's love interest. Apart from all the action-packed drama, Singham's love story was also an important part of the film. While Kajal made her debut with a Hindi film back in the early aughts, the actress up until Singahm worked primarily in Telugu films. She made a strong comeback to Hindi films with Singham which was followed by another hit Special 26. 

Ashok Saraf

While these were the south actors, there were several Marathi actors that Rohit Shetty chose for his project. One of them was veteran Marathi actor Ashok Saraf. Even though Saraf has starred in Hindi films, his exemplary screen work in Marathi films and stage plays makes him one of the most well known artists of the industry. In Singham, Ashok Saraf played a supporting character of a constable who is devoted to his job. 

Vijay Patkar 

Another great choice of casting was the ever-goofy Vijay Patkar who played the role of Singham's close aide Havaldar Ramesh Kelkar. With an impeccable comic timing, Vijay Patkar and Ajay Devgn's silly jokes and banter enthused a light hearted take on all the drama and action that was being built for Singham's epic faceoff with Jaykant Shikre. 

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Sachin Khedekar 

Another well-known Marathi actor who played a pivotal role in the cop drama was Sachin Khedekar. The actor who played the role of Kajal Aggarwal aka Kavya's father was a suspicious and protective character who was looking out for his daughter. His character Gautam 'Gotya' Bhosle, coupled with Singham and Havaldar Kelkar's banter offered some great laughs.

With the film set on the Goa-Maharashtra border, it only made sense for Rohit Shetty to cast actors who brought some local flavour to the film. And he and his team definitely did get it right with the casting of actors like Ashok Saraf, Vijay Patkar, Sachin Khedekar, Suchitra Bandekar and Sonali Kulkarni among others. 

Singham will forever be remembered for its great performances, over the top action sequences, refreshing dialogues and an entertaining plot. 

Since the success of Singham, Rohit Shetty has expanded his cop universe with films like Singham Returns, Simmba and the soon to be released Sooryavanshi.   

What's your favourite memory of Singham? Let us know in the comments below.   

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