#17YearsofDevdas: Twitterati get nostalgic about Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai & Madhuri Dixit's classic saga

17 years ago today, the audience was introduced to the iconic love triangle between Devdas, Paro and Chandramukhi
News,aishwarya rai,shah rukh khan,Madhuri Dixit,Devdas#17YearsofDevdas: Twitterati get nostalgic about Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai & Madhuri Dixit's classic saga
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One of the biggest films ever made in the history of Indian cinema, Devdas is a timeless rendition of love and fate. Starring superstars Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial, at the time of its release, was the most expensive Bollywood film ever produced with a reported budget of Rs 50 crore. Other than being declared a commercial success, Devdas became the highest grossing Indian film of the year. Even today, it is a cult classic.

The beautiful story of the film follows the life of a wealthy law graduate Devdas, played by SRK, who returns from London to marry his childhood sweetheart and neighbour Paro, played by Aishwarya. However, his family is against the marriage and this sparks his descent into alcohol. Things get worse when Paro is married to someone else, leading Dev to his emotional deterioration. Ultimately, he leaves his parents' house and takes refuge at a brothel where he meets a good-hearted tawaif (courtesan) named Chandramukhi, played by Madhuri.

Today, the film which introduced us to the iconic love triangle between Devdas, Paro and Chandramukhi, completes 17 years. Celebrating the occasion, netizens have taken to their social media handles to share nostalgic posts about the film. Twitter handle of Bhansali Productions also shared a video with the caption: “A timeless rendition of love and fate. Celebrating #17YearsofDevdas.”

Check out some of the tweets by netizens here:


Excellent movie.All actors very great.

Perfect iconic casting in this love triangle. I wish Sanjay to cast these 3 again in a movie.

Thank you SRK for this great performance.

Madhuri is the best, she is doing a lot of work even now and doesn't even brag about women empowerment

All of them were really good in this film, including Jackie Shroff and Kiran Kher. Literally every actor in this film was so good. I watched it after a long time and I really felt like Aishwarya did great acting in this movie, she had that quiet steely gaze and passion and anger and her dialogues were incredible. She deserved best actress award in this one and she looked simply phenomenal. She carried the film. Wish she would be able to act like this again but something not working in the way she is in movies these days. Maybe she should only do period films.

No, she didn't carry the film - SRK did, though only in a few scenes he raised above histrionics and managed to convey the pain convincingly. SLB seemed to have cared most about Aish's looking beautiful and perfect, sometimes at the cost of emotional truth and the logic of the script. It's especially visible in the scene where her character confronts Chandramukhi. Paro should have reacted much more strongly. Instead she was presented as this instantly forgiving angel. It made no sense. To me the real highlights were Madhuri and Jackie. It's a pity Shroff's excellent work did not get enough appreciation.

Devdas shows the clear contrast of how SLB showcased Madhuri in full glory, in every department whereas KJO & Co totally did injustice to her in every manner possible.

Madhuri undeniably stole the show in every frame she appeared in Devdas and made Chandramuki iconic.

Devdas never die!!! after all Madhuri Dixit is the real heroine.she is timeless beauty with amazing dancing skills.

Madhuri may have been a supporting character in the film, but she stole the show from both leads and it is her acting and dancing that is nowadays cherished the most.

Madhuri played secind fiddle to aishwarya rai

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