2 Years of Manikarnika: When Kangana Ranaut went skiing the day her directorial debut released; Find Out Why

On Manikarnika The Queen of Jhansi's 2nd anniversary, we decided to go back in time and dig out Kangana Ranaut's old interview with Pinkvilla in which the actress spoke about getting cold feet.
2 Years of Manikarnika: When Kangana Ranaut went skiing the day her directorial debut released; Find Out Why.
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It has been two years since Kangana Ranaut's passion project Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi released. While Kangana is known for her wide acting range and impressive performances, she stepped up a notch for this period drama and donned the director's hat. Manikarnika not only raked in the highest weekend collection for a female-led movie, it also hit the Rs 100 crore club at the domestic box office. 

Despite the several bumps that came along the way while making the film, Manikarnika became a massive success. However, it was all new for the actress since she took over as the film's director mid way. Speaking about the madness during the release of Manikarnika, we decided to go back in time and dig out Kangana's old interview with Pinkvilla in which the actress spoke about getting cold feet on the film's Friday release. 

Director's Hat

Revealing that as an actor she wasn't aware of the box office business, Kangana said the occupancy numbers made her feel like nausea. Back in 2019, a little after Manikarnika's release, Kangana told Pinkvilla that to escape the box office madness she left the city and went skiing. 

"Friday was getting a bit dirty because of box office numbers. As a creative person, you just know how to deliver a film and the whole number game just makes you so corrupt. I was like I need to get out of here. And I booked my ticket and went skiing because I just couldn't take it. I couldn't take it! I'm getting calls saying we have this occupancy and I said , 'What does that mean? This much occupancy'," Kanagna said.   

She added, "I had this nausea and I've never been in a situation like this. Nobody informs actors so much. So I went out and I've come and film is steady which is good. It's been a good decision for me to do this." 

Controversies Galore

Despite its great box office business, Kangana's film Manikarnika was rattled with controversies. One of the biggest controversy was director Krish's exit from the film after shooting majority of the period drama. Krish was removed from the film and the director had claimed that the actress had reshot significant portions of the film for which she took a co-director credit. 

Addressing the hot topic back then, Kangana had told Pinkvilla, "Let's not get into the dissection of this. Direction is taking the final call. When the film was in my hand I discarded it. I took that call.. I was heading that team." 

Recently in December 2020, Krish had appeared on South actress Samantha Akkineni’s talk show titled SamJam and said, "I really want to speak one last time." 

Krish said, "Kangana has done 20-25% of the first half and 10-15% in the second half. I didn’t shoot a song and I didn’t shoot her entry scene. In the second half, she has even re-shot some scenes which I had done in a different way."

Adding, "Kangana told me that Zee Studios hadn’t liked what I had made. It was looking like a Bhojpuri film. I laughed. People know my previous work. We argued but she wanted her own way. I just couldn’t understand."

Manikarnika Sequel

While the chapter is on the back burner now, Kangana recently announced a sequel to Manikarnika this month. The new chapter has been titled Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda. Kangana will star in the film which is touted to be bigger and better than the earlier film. 

Kangana and producer Kamal Jain will join hands to bring back the franchise after 2019's Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

You forget to mention what she did to Sonu sood .

Anonymous 1 month ago

She is the worst thing to have happened to bollywood

Anonymous 1 month ago

She stole the film from the director and now stealing the novel didda from the author for her new film!

Anonymous 1 month ago

Wasn’t Bahubali insanely successful in Japan? The team was even honoured at Tokyo Comic Con and there were many cosplayers as well. Kangana SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Anonymous 1 month ago

How does Kangana relate to Baahubali? WTF is wrong with your brain??

Anonymous 1 month ago

I am rangoli. How dare you mess with my totli behen!

Anonymous 1 month ago

Budget - 125 cr. Domestic Nett. - 96 cr. So kindly stfu now! It flopped. Get over it

Anonymous 1 month ago

her desperation to prove that manikarnika was a hit is proof enough that the movie flopped. Yes flopped!!!.... no not average it flopped and didnt even break even. The original reports said so. She manipulated and emotionally blackmailed the people and the press in the name of nationalism to claim it did well. There was no buzz just controversies. i dont know anyone who saw manikarnika be it friends, relatives, collegues... nobody.Nothing about that movie made a mark either be it songs, dialogues, costumes, action sequences etc etc.. nothing!! Period dramas usually do that. Even kalank did more business than manikarnika--that's a fact.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Did she hurt her head on the skiing trip? Why has she changed so much?

Anonymous 1 month ago