2002 Hit and Run case: Mumbai Sessions Court cancels bailable warrant against Salman Khan

A Mumbai court has cancelled the bailable warrant against Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case.
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A Mumbai court has cancelled the bailable warrant against Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, in the 2002 hit-and-run case. A leading agency tweeted, "2002 Hit and Run case: Mumbai Sessions Court cancelled bailable warrant against #SalmanKhan." 
Check out the tweet:
The court had last week stayed the bailable warrant in the 7-year-old hit-and-run case, in which the government's appeal against Salman's acquittal is pending before the Supreme Court.
In December 2015, the Bombay High Court had acquitted Khan of all criminal charges for a lack of substantial evidence. Salman was recently given five years of imprisonment in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. In an earlier interview with a daily when the actor was asked about these ghosts of his past, he spoke about it candidly.
Since Khan has been a role model to many, he was asked if it is fair for kids and adults to idolize him owing to his past. To this Salman said, "Everybody has a past. Does that make you a bad person for life? In my case, there is deliberate malice. When people go after you for something you have not done, it's bad. Next thing you know you are running around courts and people are judging you."
He added, "For 20 years. 20 years is a long time, man. It's a lot of years. It takes a toll on you and your family. The financial toll on our family because of the cases has been huge. When I was a nobody I had nothing. (Pauses) When I become somebody, I got the magistrate court. When I become slightly bigger, I got the High Court, then. And now when I am in this position, I have the Supreme Court."
Quiz him if these ghosts of past will ever leave him and Khan asserts, "It will leave me. It's God's way of anchoring me down. If these things didn't happen, I would have lost the plot by now. That's how I see it. It's my journey and whatever it takes, I will go through it. Thankfully, I have family and friends who've stood by me and pointed out whatever happened wasn't correct. I don't have any ghosts. These ghosts have been created by people who are running businesses on them. There are so many incidents like mine that happened and nobody ever talks about them. Whenever there's a hit-and-run that happens anywhere, they drag me into it all over again. I mean, what the hell, come on, man. How much will you go on and on..."
Salman Khan further explained, "The High Court looked into it and they came up with a verdict which says that nothing of that sort ever happened. Ye sab galat hi hai. The courts said it. But what about the 20 years? What about it? Mere toh wo gaye na? And there's nothing to compensate for that. Nothing at all. And during all this, when I am seen doing a comedy show, or romancing beautiful women, or just laughing, they go like, "Look at this brat. He doesn't care. He is indifferent to what happened." And I am like, dude. It's my bloody job. I have to do it no matter what. I have to do it to sustain myself and pay my lawyers. If I don't do it, where is the money going to come from?"
Interestingly, many still think that Salman got away from this case because he is an actor. But the actor disagrees. He said, "Which is not at all true. It's not true. It's all nautanki (mischief). Even now there are 5 out of job people who'll show up on television to debate my case.Some for, some against. It's ridiculous. None of them would have happened if I wasn't a star. None of it."
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WHy is this man not in jail? Don’t understand

1) Things are dragging for so long because his lawyers are saving him from jail time by stretching this out as far as possible

2) As far him being victimized for his star status is concerned..how come other big stars aren't accused of hit n runs or other crimes..SRK, Aamir, Hrithik etc? There wouldn't have been a case in the first place if there wasn't sufficient evidence to pursue this..

3) For everyone stating he's protecting others by taking the blame...well if he's so saintly, then do the time..you can't have it both ways..

I hope they finally stop persecuting Salman and go after the real criminals running around free.

a CHILD was kidnapped tortured raped and murdered but no one is fighting for her or even talking about her...where are the so called humanitarians and human rights advocates?!.. where are all those hosts who keep trashing Salman for a crime that he might or might have not commuted?!..why aren't they fighting for this child?!..they don't think that rapists are criminals and should be put in jail?!..or is because Salman is not involved in this case and has nothing to do with it?!..those people really r a shame on humanity.. I'm all for punishing the wrong but do it fairly and punish all who r wrong don't pick and choose especially when u have far worse criminals running around..pv please post

The son who kicked his mother out to live on the streets was asking for compensation on live TV but the so called screaming host wasn't listening to his demands. He wanted to run his TV channel demands which include 1) thrash Salman, 2) raise TRP 3) If he is acquitted blame his money and status and if found guilty scream at people how dare they judge the court decision. The end story is Dude, you have to DIE !

He should have hired an American or British lawyer back in 2001. He would have sued the heck out of the county for garbage on the streets and people sleeping on the footpaths of the main street.

Why we don't hear anything about Mukesh Ambani's son hit and run case?. He killed three.

Put this scoundrel Salman in jail for a good amount of time.

Asifa case ke rapists kp toh andar nae kr paye but salman ke peeche pade hue hai.I hate indian law so much .Wish dubai or middle east laws gets started in India also specially for rapists

Either convict him or acquit him, once and for all. This in-out, opening-shutting-reopening-bails is ridiculous. Lawyers must be having a gala time. Judiciary is too weak, cant take 1 decision on murder or poaching or whatever case. There are evidences, you let them get tweaked, there are witnesses, you let them backtrack. Then, you keeping shifting your judgements.
High time, judiciary learns from this case and tightens up to not people play with it and it not waste its time!

You know there's a reason to war and an excuse for it. So,first, Shah, then Bhansali, now - Salman,big Indian movie industry names - they're all an "excuse for war",instruments to divert attention from real problems. Now I want to know what the real problems has Republic of India since some political bigs use the same tactics again, from what they are trying to distract us again. And don't tell me that all what were done with all these people were done without hidden hand of authoritys.

every time katrina enter his life his cases opens and he is in troble. as your fan sir i request please dont work with her

Why not open Panama Papers file? No? Only Salman is the criminal. Bachchan and Devgn are saints.

I think I better pray for Salman, it's an outrage to open and shut the cases over and over again for over 20 years, the lawyer's must happy making a lot of money out of him and the Courts. I'm glad I'm a nobody. I don't know how they get away with this. I'm Australian, things are different here. I really feel for him and his Family.

Stop mocking the LAW... Let him walk. Dont waste the public time for some weird publicity


20 yrs long time BJP shouldclose allcases and start afresh for all pending cases

I think you are getting confused between the judiciary and executive.

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