3 years of AndhaDhun: A look at multiple fan theories that interpret Ayushmann Khurrana & Tabu's thriller

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3 years of Andhadhun
3 years of AndhaDhun: A look at multiple fan theories that interpret Ayushmann Khurrana & Tabu's thriller (Pic Credits: AndhaDhun Film/ Instagram)

What would you rather watch for an edge-of-the-seat thrilling experience? A story about a blind pianist, or one about a pianist who acts blind, only to end up losing his eye-sight for real? If you liked watching AndhaDhun, I know your choice, and I welcome you to the ‘Hail Sriram Raghavan’s creative genius’ club. Today marks three years of Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu’s black comedy crime thriller, AndhaDhun, which had viewers pulling at their hair because of the sheer twists in a seemingly simple story of a man stuck in an unwelcome mess.

Raghavan’s generosity as a creator lies in his ability to welcome the audience to come up with a story of their own. Was Akash really blind? Did he kill Simi? Is he telling the truth to Sophie? The story raises plenty of questions. While researching for this piece, I came across a rather interesting interpretation of a quote from the film that goes like, ‘What is life? It depends on the liver’. A user on the net suggests, and I agree, that here, the word ‘liver’ does not necessarily refer to the body organ, but to mean ‘one who lives’. By this logic, what the writers wanted to convey was that life, or ‘truth’ for that matter, depends on one’s perspective. 

As an extension of this wonderful idea, Raghavan made AndhaDhun, allowing viewers to come up with their own versions of ‘truth’ in the film. And so, as the thriller clocks three years, we look at multiple theories interpreting this roller-coaster of a film - none my own, and all sourced from observant viewers who leave their valuable deductions for the world to enjoy in the form of Reddit threads and YouTube comments.

Disclaimer: These theories are not my intellectual products, but just things floating on the web for a fun discussion. Kudos to everyone who came up with a theory of their own!

1. Akash kills Tabu, takes her cornea for his treatment, and makes up the story about the freak accident

This has to be the most popular theory out there among fans. According to this theory, everything in the film is true, except the part about the rabbit and the freak accident that killed Simi. Fans who subscribe to this theory believe that Akash, wounded and traumatised by Simi’s constant cruelty, decides to go ahead with the doctor’s plan, and takes her cornea for his eye treatment after killing her. He of course has to cook up a nice story on the spot when he meets Sophie. 


So, taking a cue from his walking stick with a rabbit on top, (an edgy prop for a seemingly blind pianist) he narrates a convincing lie – good enough for sweet Sophie’s sympathy. The biggest clue for this theory is a tree. Before Akash recounts his story to Sophie, we see the car driving past a big tree, without stopping. But in Akash’s version, the car makes a stop by this very tree. 

But fans also question, how come Sophie did not ask him that if were really blind, how did he know about the rabbit? A narrow escape for Akash, then huh? One netizen on Reddit suggested that director Raghavan deliberately did this to draw focus to the fact that sometimes, people tend to exaggerate their lies without even realizing it. 


2. Dani helps Akash get to Europe

Some viewers deduce that Akash and Dani had become close friends and the friend that Akash mentioned who helped him get to Europe, was Dani herself.

3. Akash was blind only in one eye


This one is interesting. This theory presents the possibility that our protagonist had a foggy eye, and ends up losing sight in that eye alone. Fans have also come up with specific clues supporting this. If you look closely, the rabbit in Akash’s story has a damaged eye. Fans also believe that in the trailer, when Akash puts his face in the water, only one eye looks red, while the other looks seemingly normal. The Aishwarya Rai poster at the back of the auto? No points for guessing. She has one eye closed. Fans believe that Akash just pretended to be completely blind to convince Simi that her plan had worked. But then, did he not pull it too far, considering the number of times he nearly died? You decide. 

4. Akash gets his eye from Murli


Assuming that Tabu’s Simi really did die the way Akash narrated to Sophie, fans believe that Akash got his eyes from the auto-driver, Murli, before he made his way to Europe. But the question arises, why would he go back to the people who wanted to sell his kidneys in the first place? 

5. Everything happened as it is shown


A section of fans likes to believe that everything in the film unfolded as was shown. Simi really did die, and Akash reached Europe with the help of a friend. This section of viewers believe that Akash got his treatment done somehow, but continued his experiment with acting blind because of the supposed ‘perks’ he enjoyed socially, and the satisfaction he derived artistically. 

Which theory do you find the most convincing? Do you have any others in your list? Tell us in the comments below!

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