Style Alert! Hotties Katrina and Saif at Jhalak Reloaded!

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Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan are all set to feature in the Kabir Khan thriller Phantom and are on a constant promotion spree. While promoting the film the good-looking stars are making such great fashion outings. And we are just digging their style!

Looking extremely pretty in the golden avatar, Kat made a head-turning appearance. The diva is blessed with great looks and in tow with Saif is looking even prettier. This Khan has always been one of the most stylish actors in tinselville and his fashion choices complement his personality. The man is royalty on wheels, literally!

The Kabir Khan film based on Hussain Zaidi’s novel Mumbai Avengers is already one of the most anticipated films of the year. On the lines of post 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, the plot is a fictional one. Phantom is slated to release on August 28th, 2015.

Saif and Katrina are sharing screen-space for the first time and they make a really good pair. What say?



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I think katrina has aged a lot in the last one year.Her face looks plump and tired while her body is slim.
Idk if its plastic surgery or the stress but she has lost her charm.

Her face looks stiff and wierd. Even her lips.

Such a lovely face,now she's gone & done something to it & those looks are gone forever. Every single person there looks better than her .Looks like she's become very insecure about her position.

Wow Deepika's fans. What's with all this jealousy? Katrina looks great here, and i am not even her fan, but calling her ugly or plastic is like kidding our selves. Give credit where it's due. Will ya!

Oh dear Katrina. Never seen someone so overrated in Bollywood in recent times. So plastic. No expression, enthusiasm, liveliness. Total ice queen material.

Ok people going overboard her- her looks haven't changed that much! She has just aged a bit. I think she is honestly just losing her appeal to many people. Our newcomers shraddha pari Alia are gaining popularity and are very charming. And in comparison Katrina lacks persona and charm. She may be perceived as one of the most beautiful in the industry but without the other traits she comes across as boring. I have never found her to have much of a personality tbh.

shahid is hot.

Sanaya Irani is looking more beautifl than Katrina ;)

first pic... her pout... that face looks like Ibrahim... She could pull off as his mother.

lol wanted to comment her bad looks but after going through other comments, it was not necessary anymore. you guys already said the same what i feel about her.

katrina the natural beauty...hahahahahahahaha

katrina overrated.. Saif ali khan hottttt and handsome.!!!!!!! shahid also cute!

Just look at her pics from her old movies... all those akshay movies. Se was gorgeous! Wonder why these women ruin their faces. It was her usp. Now she has a stiff face and she never could act. Other girls are taking over. Alia is a firebrand with good acting skills shraddha is gorgeous and can dance like a dream. Kangana is great at everything. Kriti sanon is every directors favourite. Katrina has hit the jackpit with Kapoor surname though

ever since she has been getting comments about her changed face, she has been hanging on to the same hair style which covers the puffier side of her face. Nice one!

Her outfit looks like the top and bottom went to something else. I sort of like it but not the skirt and top together. Looks weird a bit

I find only Shahid "hottie" here !!!

This will sound like a shallow thing to say but I'm going to say it anyways. Men in the film industry are constantly surrounded by the temptation of beautiful actresses and starlets. It's a huge temptation and there is a degree of superficiality in every currently popular actor because they know that their films also depend on their looks...not just talent alone. She's dating Ranbir and if he is more shallow than deep....then he might eventually be put off by Katrina's face-tweaking and go for someone else. Unless he values personality more than looks, then he might overlook Katrina's changes. But she needs to lay off the botox or whatever it is that she's doing. Don't mess with how Allah made you; just don't.

Kat has no rhythm, that is for sure.

shahid is taller than saif

Omg.... Katrina, why????????? Sometimes I see sparks of the old cute Katrina with that adorable smile, but then the messed up botox overshadows it all. I know most people in Bollywood get botox for wrinkles and stuff, but she just takes it too far. Funnily enough, it seems whenever her botox is wearing off that she looks the youngest and prettiest.

That makeup does her nooooooo favors. Maybe her makeup guy is getting his revenge by doing her makeup horribly hahaha

And Shahid be like wtf I'm doing here with my ex gf's gharwala ?? Such in life ... Lol

kareena isolder to her but looks sooo preety and fresh here she looks soooo aged evevn d last appearence she was looking aged

Katrina should avoid laughing because it makes her face look rather scary. :(

Wow...Katrina needs to stop with the Botox ASAP!! Saif looks hot and sexy as always....

She looks so cute. Would be interesting to see her do an Indian classical dance.

She has lost all her charm sad to say that she looks old/dull and not attractive at all and her style has beeeeen the same for yearssssssssssssss....nothing interesting new about her. Shes expired time to say bye alvida katrina khan kapoor lol

I thought she forgave the makeup guy? Maybe he didn't get the memo, come back Kat's makeup guy all is forgiven I heard, she says.

I love sanaya irani

She has for some reason started reminding me of sunny leone
Only diff sunny is gorgeous!!

The minute I saw Sunny, I thought she was one of Kat's sisters. I was shocked when somebody said her name's Sunny Leone. They look related only that Sunny is better looking.


She has deffo done something to her face. Why?? She was good before. Looking kinda bloated and puffy now. She seems very stiff

Not being rude.. but her face has changed drastically.. in a bad way. Something totally off about her cheeks. And her face is looking long.. the pretty gal from namastey london is gone

Lol her laugh ..


Saif a hottie? big joke!

OMG allow her face. she just ruined it

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement