Salman and I will be there at each others' wedding: Katrina Kaif

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While people cannot stop raving about Salman Khan's latest release 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', during the trailer launch of 'Phantom' Katrina Kaif had admitted that she hadn't watched the film.
However, she also promised that she would watch it in a day or two. Kat seems to have lived up to her promise.
Incidentally, there are reports that she not only watched the film, but also messaged Salman. When asked about it, Katrina said in an interview to Mumbai Mirror, "I didn't but I should have. 'Ek Tha Tiger' portrayed him very differently and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' reflects Kabir's style of filmmaking too. Salman's outstanding and so much fun. With the childlike quality of the 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' days."
Interestingly, there were reports that she would soon be tying the knot with her beau Ranbir Kapoor. When probed if she will invite Salman for the wedding, the 'Phantom' actress politely reverts, "Whenever either of us gets married, the other person will be there. But we're jumping the gun again."
Noted Ms. Kaif!

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its not only kat who benefits from this! apply your brain dumbos it's the other one who needs kat for more 'serious' things..ahem ahem..

only if the weddings happen right! she means that both of them will never get married...hence...there comes no question of inviting! pv plz post this!

She wants to hold on to salman forever just in case she needs someone to fall back on. Salmam please get a wife .

She cant save flop phantom, it will flop, No point using Salman's name. Salman fans aint coming to save ya.

Salman aint inviting her. She may get an invitation by default if she is married to Kapoor by then. Because Khans will invite Kapoors. Anyways wait and watch Salman's marriage is on the way soon very soon.

Ranbir will never marry her!

shes telling alot of stufff about her personal life hmmmm

I can imagine how thrilled Ranbir (& the other Kapoors ) will be at Salman's being there . Will she allow Ranbir to invite Deepika & all his other flings?

I feel like they are good friends eventhough they're exes. The only people who have a problem with Salman-Katrina are their fans. Likewise, when Ranbir gets married I'm sure Deepika will be invited.

why they need to say that i mean not only her but almost every bollywood actor/actress can't stop talking about his or her ex.
get over please

Its funny..when Deepika gets asked abt Ranbir and she responds there is a big hue n cry ..but Kat talks abt Salman everytime her film is abt to release and she gets away

Sweetheart use salmans name as much as you want even he uses your name when ever he feels comfortable. Enjoying promotions sweetheart , love you lots.

Boring-- who cares.

yeh ladki fir boli...Salman Ranbir, Ranbir Salman...pls leave my 2 favs!!

Only if she had as good acting abilities as sense of humor.

Oh pls leave Ranbir and go!!!! Unlucky charm for Ranbir!

he isnt gng to b there...

Her publicity sticks started , Katrina career sumup in 4 words sheila chameli salman and ranbir , she didn't attended and didn't give salman support in his bad days (hit and run case) the only she attended and give them support in their happy fays and thry don't care about katrina (which her career made by salman and their family's support ) but thise selfish woman even after cheated him can't stop taking his name for publicity!!! Selfish, user stop using salman's nsme for publicity, and hypocrite, fustreated fans of her when deepika talkes about ranbir they attack poor girl. And what do you have say about this desperate haters? . post...

They have no problem only their fanz...

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